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WSOP 2009

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Event #11, $2,000 No Limit Hold'em, Final Results

Official Report
Event #11
No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $2,000
Number of Entries: 1,646
Total Net Prize Pool: $2,995,720
Number of Places Paid: 171
First Place Prize: $569,254
June 4-6, 2009

The Winner

The 2009 World Series of Poker $2,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em championship is Anthony Harb, from Canton, Michigan.

Harb is a 28-year-old professional poker player.

Harb was born in Southfield, MI.

Harb collected $569,254 for first place. He was also awarded his first WSOP gold bracelet. This marked his third time to cash in a WSOP event.

“The gold bracelet means a lot,” Harb said in an interview, conducted moments after his victory. “It means I am here to stay. I made it through this very tough field, against all these pros. I can say that I hung with the best of the best.”

“The money helps out a lot,” Harb said afterward. “It gives me a big bankroll. It means I have the opportunity to play a lot more tournaments.”

Harb stated that he came to the WSOP hoping to satellite into several events. “I am a goal-setter,” he said. “I’m a grinder. I grind it out.”

Harb revealed that he usually comes to the WSOP every year on a one-way ticket, since he rarely knows when he will return home. He stays with a group of friends in a rented house. “I play with a lot of good people and have my friends around me which means I can only get better,” Harb said.

Among Harb’s close friends is Justin Scott, from Redford, MI. Scott won a gold bracelet in 2006.

Harb is primarily an online player. He has numerous wins and cashes in online tournaments. His two previous WSOP in-the-money finishes were 121st in 2008 Event 32 and 436th in 2009 Event 4. Prior to this victory, Harb’s total live career tournament earnings amounted to just $5,991. He earned nearly 100 times that amount with this victory.

Harb had a good-luck charm while at the table. He used a small back turtle as his card protector during the entire tournament. “I have never used a card protector before and (a friend) gave me this turtle. I really like the concept of the turtle. He is chubby and slow. But when he strikes, he bites hard. He does not win a lot of races, but when he comes out of his shell, he’s dangerous.” Harb said he has a name for his turtle – “This is Pedro. Don’t mess with Pedro,” he said.

The Players

The final table was comprised of no former WSOP gold bracelet winners. This was the fifth event of eleven finales held so far this year which guaranteed a first-time winner.

The runner up was Peter Rho, a Korean-born poker pro from Las Vegas, NV. Rho is a graduate of Duke University. He also finished second in the 2009 Aussie Millions Championship. Second place in this event paid $350,019.

The third-place finisher was Jim Geary, from Phoenix, AZ. He is a master gamesman. Geary is a former college chess champion, represented the U.S. at the Scrabble World Championships, and came up just short of winning his first gold bracelet. Third place paid $230,670.

Jim Geary joined Ville Wahlbeck (who accomplished the same feat at an adjacent table on the same day) as the first two players at this year’s WSOP to make two final table appearances. He finished 7th in the $1,500 buy-in Omaha High-Low Split event.

The fourth-place finisher was Adam Adler, from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He is the CEO of “,” which is the first publicly-traded social networking and modeling company. Fourth place paid $161,768.

The fifth-place finisher was Jonathan “Cosmo” McGowan. This marked his third time to cash in a WSOP. McGowan prefers to play in cash games, calling tournament tournaments a “lottery.” McGowan scratched off $116,833 in prize money.

The sixth-place finisher was Adrian Dresel-Velasquez, from Sacramento, CA. The Nigerian-born attorney once served in the Peace Corps in Guatemala. He was the Assistant Attorney General for the state of Wisconsin in the previous administration.

The seventh-place finisher was Scott Hall, from Fayetteville, AR. He has numerous cashes in online tournaments. Hall says he started playing poker as part of the “Moneymaker boom.” This was his best WSOP finish.

The eighth-place finisher was Michael Dyer, from Houston, TX.

The ninth-place finisher was Brent Sheirbon, from The Dalles, OR. Sheirbon has cashed in each of the past two WSOP Main Events. He came in 392nd in 2007 and 135th in 2008.

Former gold bracelet winners who cashed in this event included -- Perry Friedman, Harry Thomas, “Little Man” Michael Sica, Jason Mercier, Kevin Song, “Minneapolis Jim” Meehan, David “the Dragon” Pham, Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier, and Phil Hellmuth.

Hellmuth’s cash in this event was the 70th of his career. He is ranked first on the all-time cashes list at the WSOP.

T.J. Cloutier’s cash in this event was the 54th of his career. He is ranked fifth on the all-time list.

The defending champion in this event was Matt Keikoan, from Richmond, CA. He entered this tournament, but did not cash.

Odds and Ends

Attendance for this tournament has increased steadily year-by-year. In 2007, this same event attracted 1,531 players. Last year, the number of entries increased to 1,592. This year, 1,646 players entered this tournament, up three percent over last year.

For those who remember the early days of the WSOP, the $569,254 in first-place prize money in this event merits some perspective. Consider that none of none of the first 13 WSOP Main Events reached this grand sum.

The tournament was played over three days. On Day Three, the final table was dealt out on the ESPN stage, also known as the “feature table.” The so-called “secondary” final table, located adjacent to the main stage area, hosts the other finale played on the same day. This year at the WSOP, most days will include two final tables.

This was the third WSOP event of the year to be featured by Bluff Media. Bluff will feature 22 more WSOP events to be held over the next month. The broadcasts usually begin daily at 2 pm PST. Note: On some days, events will begin later due to unforeseen tournament length times on the previous day. Viewers around the world can log on at either or and watch final tables live. For more info on which events are scheduled for broadcast, visit:

The official WSOP gold bracelet ceremony takes place on the day following the winner’s victory. The ceremony takes place on at center stage of the main tournament room and begins during the break of the noon tournament. The ceremony usually starts around 2:20 pm. The national anthem of the winner’s nation is played. The entire presentation is open to both public and media. Video and photography is permitted by both media and the public.

The Event

The $2,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em event attracted 1,646 entrants. This created a prize pool totaling $2,995,720. The top 171 finishers collected prize money.

When final table play began, the chip leader was Michael Dyer. He took a few early hits and exited quickly. The remaining players traded the chip lead a number of times before Anthony Harb emerged as the winner.

The final hand of the night came when Harb was dealt Q-10 against Peter Rho’s 9-8. After the final board showed K-9-8-J-4 Rho moved all-in with two pair. Harb insta-called with the nut-straight and scooped the last pot of the tournament.

Harb revealed that he had very little sleep during this tournament. “The most sleep I had any one night was six hours,” he said. “I’m exhausted.”

The tournament officially began on Thursday, June 4th, at 12:00 noon. The tournament officially ended on Sunday, June 7th, at 12:45 am.

Final Results

  Name Prize City State/Country
1 Harb, Anthony $569,254 Canton MI
2 Rho, Peter $350,019 Las Vegas NV
3 Geary, Jim $230,670 Tucson AZ
4 Adler, Adam $161,768 Ft. Lauderdale FL
5 McGowan, Jonathan $116,833 San Diego CA
6 Dresel-Velasquez, Adrian $92,867 Sacramento CA
7 Hall, Scott $76,390 Fayetteville AR
8 Dyer, Michael $65,905 Houston TX
9 Sheirbon, Brent $59,315 The Dalles OR
10 Carlson, Mike $41,640 Shakopee MN
11 Mandt, David $41,640 East Gull Lake MN
12 Hartery, John $41,640 Mississauga ON, Canada
13 Finucane, Jeff $29,148 Long Grove IL
14 Ladny, Eric $29,148 Mercerville NJ
15 Taylor, Chris $29,148 Coalinga CA
16 Smaron, Kenneth $20,400 Philadelphia PA
17 Koon, Jason $20,400 Pittsburgh PA
18 Prinz Von Sachsen, Olav $20,400 Las Vegas NV
19 Sudar, Jovan $14,828 Omaha NE
20 Tucker, Pilar $14,828 Sequim WA
21 Fager, Steven $14,828 Sequim WA
22 Simpson, Michael $14,828 Las Vegas NV
23 Rosenkrantz, Jose $14,828 Miami Lakes FL
24 Woodall, Warren $14,828 Los Angeles CA
25 Goodson, Robert $14,828 Chandler AZ
26 Walters, Nicolas $14,828 New York NY
27 Fleming, Brian $14,828 Edmonton AB, Canada
28 Chen, Tommy $12,761 San Jose CA
29 Hellmuth, Phillip $12,761 Palo Alto CA
30 Mccolgan, Kevin $12,761 Douglassville PA
31 Gentry, Ryan $12,761 La Jolla CA
32 Aguiar, Jonathan $12,761 Las Vegas NV
33 Blackman, Scott $12,761 Webster NY
34 Goosen, Steven $12,761 Abbotsford BC, Canada
35 Tarich, Mark $12,761 N Miami Beach FL
36 Stewart, Terry $12,761 Duluth GA
37 Korolev, Alexander $10,425 Moscow Russia
38 Vartzar, Romik $10,425 Glendale CA
39 Martin, Eddylee $10,425 Cayman Brac Cayman Islands
40 Gillie, Roy $10,425 Galena Park TX
41 Pulido, Yesniel $10,425 Pembroke Pines FL
42 Xu, Dong $10,425 Rosemead CA
43 Dunford, Kenneth $10,425 Dundas ON, Canada
44 Kweskin, Aaron $10,425 Los Angeles CA
45 Widman, Howard $10,425 Lakeview NY
46 Schmidt, Michael $8,807 Monterey CA
47 Mclain, Troy $8,807 Tucson AZ
48 Stepp, Blake $8,807 Spokane WA
49 Hackworth, Trevor $8,807 Bowling Green OH
50 Hicks, Kenneth $8,807 Huntiington WV
51 Millar, Alexander $8,807 Northants United Kingdom
52 Huang, Yue $8,807 San Francisco CA
53 McEvoy, Thomas $8,807 Las Vegas NV
54 Vanchiro, Jeffrey $8,807 Brooklyn NY
55 Meehan, James $7,639 Burnsville MN
56 Milisits, Ryan $7,639 Pittsburg PA
57 Bresner, Robert $7,639 Las Vegas NV
58 Le, Allan $7,639 Huntington Beach CA
59 Weiler, Zachary $7,639 St Paul MN
60 Gray, Jason $7,639 Troutdale OR
61 Tedy, Randy $7,639 Thornton CO
62 Coon, Jeremy $7,639 Salt Lake City UT
63 Mercier, Jason $7,639 Davie FL
64 Smith, Tyler $6,770 Smithdale MS
65 Getzwiller, Sean $6,770 Tucson AZ
66 Ho, Neil $6,770 Orange CA
67 Baker, Keith $6,770 Chicago IL
68 Mahiout, Francis $6,770 Gentilly France
69 Blanovsky, Michael $6,770 Staten Island NY
70 Tapp, James $6,770 North Augusta SC
71 Friedman, Perry $6,770 Henderson NV
72 Parsons, Christopher $6,770 Calgary AB, Canada
73 O'Malley, Patrick $6,081 Claremont CA
74 Minton, Patrick $6,081 Seattle WA
75 Christensen, Peter $6,081 St. Paul MN
76 Bush, Christopher $6,081 Mission BC, Canada
77 Sabato, Umberto $6,081 Masagne  
78 Lamb, Benjamin $6,081 Las Vegas NV
79 Chaney, Jesse $6,081 Rockledge FL
80 Okeefe, Kevin $6,081 Vacaville CA
81 Grigsby, Jack $6,081 Kennewick WA
82 Mull, Jesse $5,452 Fort Irvin CA
83 Finkelstein, David $5,452 Upper Saddle River NJ
84 Sica, Michael $5,452 No Bruncswick NJ
85 Ly, Dau $5,452 Duluth GA
86 Golin, Sean $5,452 Castle Rock CO
87 Jaka, Faraz $5,452 San Jose CA
88 Scholz, Jeffrey $5,452 Colgate WI
89 Parizon, Michael $5,452 Canton MI
90 Bowker, Kyle $5,452 Walton NY
91 Siu, Chad $4,942 Vancouver BC, Canada
92 Xie, Philippe $4,942 Dorval QC, Canada
93 Stemper, Patrick $4,942 Austin TX
94 Newman, Richard $4,942 Collegeville PA
95 Whitford, Marc $4,942 Rockford MI
96 Franklin, Thomas $4,942 Gulfport MS
97 Land, Jack $4,942 Ocoee FL
98 Dietrich, Michael $4,942 Centralia ON
99 Sack, Gabriel $4,942 Weston FL
100 Depratter, Doyle $4,523 Burleson TX
101 Cloutier, Thomas $4,523 Richardson TX
102 Fitzpatrick, Jeremiah $4,523 Charlotte NC
103 Pederson, David $4,523 Plymouth MN
104 Shedd, Cody $4,523 Costa Mesa CA
105 Beasley, Cherie $4,523 San Francisco CA
106 Chiang, Jen Yue $4,523 Mesa AZ
107 Moskowitz, Nancy $4,523 Oak Park CA
108 Chen, Andrew $4,523 Mississauga ON
109 Pope, Tommy $4,523 Raleigh NC
110 Lin, Lawrence $4,523 New York NY
111 Hakim, Jeffrey $4,523 Wexford PA
112 Boyd, Howard $4,523 W Chester OH
113 St Hilaire, James $4,523 Glen Burnie MD
114 Gordon, John $4,523 Johnston IA
115 Singer, Maximillian $4,523 Telluride CO
116 Brown, Jamie $4,523 Birchington United Kingdom
117 Hyvonen, Stephen $4,523 Lake Mary FL
118 Calder, Anna $4,194 Scarborough ON
119 Sorenson, Josh $4,194 Littleton CO
120 Morstad, John $4,194 Portage WI
121 Feltrin, Celso $4,194 Blumenav SC
122 Noam, Danny $4,194 Phoenix AZ
123 Schwartz, Michael $4,194 Las Vegas NV
124 Seatelli, Jean Paul $4,194 Bastia France
125 Mauerhan, Michael $4,194 Azle TX
126 Dulaney, Joseph $4,194 Magnolia TX
127 Cappello, Lucian $4,194 New Rochelle NY
128 Newton, Justin $4,194 Tucson AZ
129 Gurney, Larry $4,194 Kingston TN
130 Lendeborg, Fausto $4,194 Miami Lakes FL
131 Brown, Thomas $4,194 Lake View NY
132 Hamby, Jared $4,194 Henderson NV
133 Kee, Brian $4,194 Visalia CA
134 Ditomaso, Anthony $4,194 El Cajon CA
135 Albertson, Cory $4,194 Houston TX
136 Ungrey, Steven $4,194 Rockford MI
137 Alenius, Tomas $4,194 Uppsala Sweden
138 Thomas, Harry $4,194 Hamilton OH
139 Smith, Jordan $4,194 Tool TX
140 Somma, Michael $4,194 Middle Village NY
141 Song, Kevin $4,194 Rowland Hights CA
142 Chau, Thanh $4,194 San Jose CA
143 Slepica, Nicholas $4,194 Reston VA
144 Kirschenmann, Arnold $4,194 Bakersfield CA
145 Vancruchten, Leonard $3,894 Stevensweert Netherlands
146 Rassi, Steve $3,894 Morton IL
147 Hong, A Ram $3,894 Seoul South Korea
148 Taxarchis, Steven $3,894 Santa Rosa CA
149 Liandzi, Christos $3,894 Norfolk United Kingdom
150 Brunner, Brian $3,894 Carmel IN
151 Waddell, Brad $3,894 El Paso TX
152 Quinones, Hector $3,894 La Costellana Dominican Republic
153 Goossens, Danny $3,894 Istanbul Turkey
154 Gong, Jiachen $3,894 Pointe-Claire QC, Canada
155 Montgomery, Scott $3,894 Perth ON, Canada
156 Gamerov, Jonathan $3,894 Sydney Australia
157 Zola, Matthew $3,894 Williamsburg VA
158 Buffer, Bruce $3,894 Marina Dl Rey CA
159 Jeffrey, Bartlett $3,894 El Cajon CA
160 Virden Burks, Deaitra $3,894 Amarillo TX
161 Ross, Adam $3,894 Dallas TX
162 Johnson, Jerome $3,894 Antioch IL
163 Montervino, Joseph $3,894 Yardville NJ
164 Cutler, Matthew $3,894 Del Mar CA
165 Maher, Michael $3,894 Las Vegas NV
166 Farber, David $3,894 Heathrow FL
167 Bari, Allen $3,894 W Orange NJ
168 Andler, Christopher $3,894 Skovde Sweden
169 Neal, Eric $3,894 Burlington NC
170 Mayrinck, Maria $3,894 Rio De Janeiro Brazil
171 Ta, Tu $3,894 Richmond Hill ON, Canada

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