WSOP 2008 Event #46, $5,000 No Limit Hold'em Six Handed, Final Results and Report

WSOP 2008 Event #46, $5,000 No Limit Hold'em Six Handed, Final Results and Report

Number of Entries: 805
Number of Re-Buys: NA
Total Net Prize Pool: $ 3,783,500
June 26-28, 2008

Final Results

1 Joe Commisso $911,855 Las Vegas Nevada
2 Richard Lyndaker $570,551 Chaumont New York
3 Edward Ochana $368,891 Elgin Illinois
4 Sam Trickett $245,927 Nottingham England
5 Tom Lutz $174,041 Dayton Ohio
6 Davidi Kitai $120,693 Belgium Brussels
7 Will Failla $82,858 Commack New York
8 Jimmy Wong $82,858    
9 Steven Ware $63,941 North Caldwell New Jersey
10 Bryan Pope $63,941    
11 Alex Jacob $45,023 Tulsa Oklahoma
12 Leo Kam $45,023 Ottawa Ontario, Canada
13 Jesper Petersen $31,781 Aarhus Denmark
14 Jason Gray $31,781 Troutdale Ontario, Canada
15 Paul Foltyn $31,781 Doncaster England
16 Bertrand Grospellier $31,781 London England
17 Karl Wiklund $31,781 Norrkoping Sweden
18 Joanne Liu $31,781 Las Vegas Nevada
19 Robert Forsman $26,106 Norrkoping Sweden
20 Gabriellson Ferit $26,106    
21 Riku Koivurinne $26,106 Hameenkyro Finland
22 Eddy Scharf $26,106 Cologne Germany
23 Magnus Persson $26,106 Gothenburg Sweden
24 Keith Hawkins $26,106 Darlington England
25 Christopher Kline $20,430 Columbus Ohio
26 Maurizio Biasini $20,430 Florence Italy
27 Andrey Zaichenko $20,430 Moscow Russia
28 Shannon Shorr $20,430 Binmingham Alabama
29 Raymond Henson $20,430 Spring Texas
30 Elliot Smith $20,430 Richmond British Columbia, Canada
31 Ryan Daut $16,647 Basking Ridge New Jersey
32 Steven Weusten $16,647 Leeuwarden Netherlands
33 David Farber $16,647 Heathrow Florida
34 Christopher Dombrowski $16,647 Dade City Florida
35 Bryn Kenney $16,647 Long Beach New York
36 Christo Vlassis $16,647 Corfu Greece
37 Phillip Sparta $14,377 Fairfax Virginia
38 Nikolay Evdakov $14,377 Moscow Russia
39 Tony Hachem $14,377 Victoria Australia
40 Yuri Bokkel $14,377 Tillburg Netherlands
41 Keith Tilston $14,377 Austin Texas
42 Richard Murnick $14,377 U. Montclair New Jersey
43 Craig Duffy $12,107   Australia
44 Greg Pierson $12,107 Woodland Washington
45 Patryk Hildebranski $12,107 Kitchener Ontario, Canada
46 Edward Martin $12,107 New York New York
47 Darrel Dicken $12,107 Waterloo Iowa
48 Mikael Hogbom $12,107 Gaule Sweden
49 Jonathan Aguiar $10,972 Las Vegas Nevada
50 Eugene Todd $10,972 Brooklyn New York
51 Jason Mercier $10,972 Davie Florida
52 Benjamin Hamnett $10,972 Holbrook Pennsylvania
53 Michael Mcclain $10,972 Davis California
54 James Burgoine $10,972    
55 Adam Elpayaa $9,837 Forest Park Illinois
56 Cliff Pappas $9,837 Scottsdale Arizona
57 Michael Goldberg $9,837 Salt Lake City Utah
58 William Elliot $9,837 St Catharines Ontario, Canada
59 Aaron Wilt $9,837 Kansas City Missouri
60 Eric Mutrie $9,837 Kitchener Ontario, Canada
61 Jens Klaning $9,080 Aarhus Denmark
62 Nathan Sumrall $9,080 Dallas Georgia
63 Ken Einiger $9,080 Las Vegas Nevada
64 Nicholas Binger $9,080 Las Vegas Nevada
65 Daniel Shak $9,080 Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania
66 Michael Glasser $9,080 Boca Raton Florida
67 Alexander Millar $8,323 Northants England
68 Jonathan Heath $8,323 Stafford England
69 Glen Chorny $8,323 Waterloo Ontario, Canada
70 Devin Lake $8,323 Calgary Alberta, Canada
71 Robert Eckstut $8,323 Somerville Massachusetts
72 Richard Ashby $8,323 Watford England
73 Philip Yeh $8,323 Stenungsund Sweden
74 Chris McCormack $8,323 Las Vegas Nevada
75 Peter Alan Smurfit $8,323 Aventura Florida
76 Frederick Halling $8,323 Vasteras Sweden
77 Alan Adler $8,323 Bakersfield California
78 Steven Goosen $8,323 Abbotsford British Columbia, Canada

Tournament Notes

The $5,000 buy-in Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em championship (Event #46) attracted 805 entries, creating a prize pool totaling $3,783,500. The top 78 finishers collected prize money.

The prize pool is the largest in WSOP history for this event.

The $911,830 paid to the winner is the highest of any completed event so far at this year’s WSOP.

In 2008, entries increased 11 percent over 2007. Last year, there were 728 entries.

The Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em tournament was first added to the WSOP schedule in 2005. Doyle Brunson won his tenth WSOP gold bracelet in that inaugural event (which tied him with Johnny Chan at the time).

Six-Handed Hold’em emphasizes short-handed poker skills. Rather than a full table of nine players, each table is played six-handed (or less, as players bust out). This generally requires competitors to play cards out of the standard range of starting-hand requirements. It also makes post-flop skill paramount to victory. The game was included on the WSOP schedule as a concerted effort to measure as diverse a range of poker skills as possible.

The defending champion for this event was Bill Edler. He did not enter this tournament. This brings the current streak to 45 straight non-cashes for defending champions in their respective events.

The tournament was played over three consecutive days. Day Two went much longer than expected, lasing about 15 hours. On Day Three, the final table was played on the ESPN main stage and was broadcast live by Bluff Media on ESPN360.

The 2008 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em champion is Joe Commisso, from Las Vegas, NV. He is a 28-year-old poker pro. Prior to playing poker for a living, Commisso was an online day trader (stocks).

Commisso is originally from New Jersey.

Commisso won $911,830 for first place. This was his first WSOP gold bracelet victory. This was his first time ever to cash at the WSOP.

This was only the fifth live tournament Commisso had ever played. He cashed previously at only one major tournament – a WSOP Circuit event held in Atlantic City back in 2005, which paid $3,048.

Commisso, a cash game player, does not like playing in poker tournaments. He even went so far as to say he plans to enter very few tournaments in the future, despite his big victory.

Commisso owns a pug (dog) named “Miles.” He named the dog after jazz great Miles Davis. Commisso stated that he slept only a few hours in the off-time between Days Two and Three. “I got home at 6 am and slept only a few hours,” he said. “Then, Miles woke me up.”

The second-place finisher was Rich Lyndaker, from Chaumont, NY.

The heads-up match between Commisso and Lyndaker was epic in both length and drama. The two finalists played over 200 hands together heads up. By contrast, it took only about 70 hands to eliminate the first four players from the finale.

The heads-up match was quite memorable as Lyndaker managed to double-up an astounding 12 consecutive times against Commisso. On 10 of those 12 hands, the worst hand (at the start) ended up scooping the pot. On the 13th confrontation, with Commisso holding onto a precarious 2 to 1 advantage, he managed to finally bust his stubborn adversary.

The fourth-place finisher was Sam Trickett, from Nottingham, England. Prior to playing poker, Trickett played professional soccer in England, before he suffered a knee injury and was forced to quit the game.

Davidi Kitai, who won the Pot-Limit Omaha championship (Event #38) just days earlier, made it to his second final table. This time, he finished in sixth place.

The final table began at 2 pm and ended at 11:30 pm, which totaled 9.5 hours of play.

Former WSOP gold bracelet winners who cashed in this event included Eddy Scharf (22nd) and Peter Alana Smurfit (75th).

With his 38th place finish in this event, Nikolay Evdakov, from Moscow, Russia tied the record set for “Most WSOP Cashes in a Single Year,” shared by five players -- Michael Binger (2007), Chad Brown (2007), Phil Hellmuth (2006), Richard Tatalovich (2006), and Humberto Brenes (2006), with eight. Note: Evdakov was still alive in Event #48 as this tournament ended, which means is close to becoming the first player in WSOP history ever to cash nine times in a single year.

Four players have cashed six times at this year’s WSOP. This list includes – Chau Giang, Rolf Slotboom, Alex Jacob, and Roland Isra.

Winner Joe Commisso is officially listed as being from Las Vegas, NV. Through the conclusion of Event #46 at this year’s World Series of Poker, the gold bracelet count by nations and states reads as follows:
11 – Nevada
7 – California
4 – New York
3 – Germany
2 – Italy
2 – Missouri
1 – Belgium
1 – Denmark
1 – Florida
1 – France
1 – Georgia
1 – Holland
1 – Maryland
1 – Michigan
1 – Ohio
1 – Pennsylvania
1 – Russia
1 – South Carolina
1 – Wisconsin

Nine different nations have produced a gold bracelet winner at this year’s WSOP. This list now includes Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia, and the United States.

The Event #46 winner Joe Commisso is to be classified as a professional player. He has supported himself by playing cash games for over two years. Accordingly, the “Pro-Am” gold bracelet scoreboard currently reads:
Professionals – 33 wins
Amateurs -- 10 wins
Semi-Pros -- 2 wins

Jesper Petersen was the chip leader at the End of Day One in this event. He finished as the 13th place finisher. Through Event #46, the End of Day One chip leaders have gone on to cash 79 percent of the time -- 34 of 43 occasions (the chip leader was not applicable on two events). Twelve of these same 43 chip leaders (28 percent) made it to the final table. Only one chip leader went on to win the event. That lone wire-to-wire winner was Vanessa Selbst in Event #19.

Richard Lyndaker was the chip leader at the start of this final table. He ended up as the second-place finisher. Through Event #46, seventeen of 43 chip leaders at the start of the final table (40 percent) went on to win the event. Twenty-five of 43 chip leaders (58 percent) went on to finish in the top three spots. Two events did not have a chip leader (Heads-Up and Shootout tournaments).

The Milwaukee’s Best Light “Player of the Year” standings currently shows Jacobo Fernandez as the current leader, with David Benyamine close behind. Here are the top five ranked players: 1. Jacobo Fernandez – 227 points 2. David Benyamine – 220 points
3. John Phan – 215 points
4.Barry Greenstein – 190 points
5.Erick Lindgren – 185 points
For a complete “Player of the Year” points list, see:

David Benyamine is now the leader on the 2008 prize money list, having won the most money at the WSOP, to date. His accrued winnings total $941,651.

Through the end of Event #46, twenty-eight players have now earned at least $500,000 at this year’s WSOP.