WSOP 2008 Event #43, $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split 8 or better, Final Results and Report

WSOP 2008 Event #43, $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split 8 or better, Final Results and Report

Number of Entries: 720
Total Net Prize Pool: $ 982,800
June 24-26, 2008

Final Results

1 Martin Klaser $216,249 Rheinbach Germany
2 Casey Kastle $137,985 Chicago Illinois
3 Michael Fetter $83,538 Vallejo California
4 Erik Seidel $68,304 Las Vegas Nevada
5 Jon Maren $56,019 North Andover Massachusetts
6 Chad Burum $44,226 Grants Pass Oregon
7 Joseph Haddad $34,398 Portland Oregon
8 Larry Wright $27,027 McQueeney Texas
9 Tom Chambers $19,656 Chicago Illinois
10 Daniel Klein $12,285 Las Vegas Nevada
11 Derek Kadota $12,285 Glendale California
12 Gary Hutzler $12,285 Bridgewater New Jersey
13 Mark Gallo $9,828 Lake Worth Florida
14 Douglas Mandeville $9,828 Branford Connecticut
15 Jim Geary $9,828 Glendale Arizona
16 James Griffith $7,371 Colonial Heights Virginia
17 Mikhail Ustinov $7,371 Moscow Russia
18 Ian Graham $7,371 Indian Harbour Beach Florida
19 Daniel Adams $5,601 Kingston Ontario, Canada
20 David Manz $5,601 Berkeley California
21 Laurent Lefrancq $5,601 Paris France
22 Brent Carter $5,601 Oak Park Illinois
23 Ed Smith $5,601 Twentynine Palms California
24 Samir Khoueis $5,601 Pendelhill Australia
25 Shannon Shorr $5,601 Birmingham Alabama
26 Bryan Jolly $5,601 Midland Texas
27 Kevin Bisset $5,601 Rahway New Jersey
28 Sigi Stockinger $4,619 Linz Austria
29 Ward Crane $4,619 Berea Ohio
30 Jacobo Fernandez $4,619 Hollywood Florida
31 Jack Rosenfeldt $4,619 Redondo Beach California
32 William Speir $4,619 Mt Pleasant Texas
33 John Bosek $4,619 Warren Michigan
34 Petr Jelinek $4,619 Praha 17 Czech Republic
35 Joe Hachem $4,619 Melbourne Australia
36 Lance Jenkins $4,619 Lenexa Kansas
37 Barak Zaken $3,636 Brooklyn New York
38 Joshua Mammon $3,636 Richmond British Columbia, Canada
39 Berry Johnston $3,636 Bethany Oklahoma
40 Charles Jett $3,636 Henderson Nevada
41 Thomas West $3,636 Los Altos California
42 Jeffrey Bryan $3,636 Ft. Calhoun Nebraska
43 John Lloyd $3,636 Madeira Beach Florida
44 Vladamir Poleshchuk $3,636 Moscow Russia
45 Jolyne Thompson $3,636 Houston Texas
46 Johan Larsson $3,341 Kolsva Sweden
47 Grilla Luigi $3,341 Ventnor New Jersey
48 Jonas Molander $3,341 Stockholm Sweden
49 Damon Singer $3,341 Coral Springs Florida
50 Chris Ferguson $3,341 Las Vegas Nevada
51 Daniel Bertelsen $3,341 Randers Denmark
52 Stewart Yancik $3,341 Blue Springs Missouri
53 Christopher Buddington $3,341 Livonia Michigan
54 Allyn Marshall $3,341 Elberon New Jersey
55 John Folinsky $3,046 Los Angeles California
56 Derei Asher $3,046 London England
57 D'Jack Klingler $3,046 Sacramento California
58 Christopher Viox $3,046 Glen Carbon Illinois
59 Gabriel Costner $3,046 Long Beach Mississippi
60 Scott Ettinger $3,046 Westfield New Jersey
61 Esther Taylor $3,046 Portland Oregon
62 Henry Paloci $3,046 Sarasota Florida
63 Calen McNeil $3,046 Victoria British Columbia, Canada
64 George O'Brien $2,751 Aurora Colorado
65 Raymond McClure $2,751 Stratford Ontario, Canada
66 Gregory Hurst $2,751 Tazewell Tennessee
67 Louis Piccioni $2,751 Eagle Idaho
68 Christopher Falconer $2,751 Canton Ohio
69 Gerry Kane $2,751   Scotland
70 Robert Lewis $2,751 Miami Beach Florida
71 Michael Cipolla $2,751 Fresno California
72 Ian Turner $2,751 Westcliff England

Tournament Notes

The $1,500 buy-in Pot-Limit Omaha High-Low Split championship (Event #43) attracted 720 entries, creating a prize pool totaling $982,800. The top 72 finishers collected prize money.

This was the largest event of its kind in poker history. The turnout topped last year’s number of entries (687) by five percent.

This was only the second time a Pot-Limit Omaha High-Low Split tournament has ever been on the WSOP schedule. The game was introduced as a gold bracelet event in 2007.

The defending champion, Lukasz Dumanski from Canada, entered this tournament, but he did not cash. This brings the current streak to 43 straight non-cashes for defending champions in their respective events.

The tournament was played over three consecutive days. The final table was played on the ESPN main stage and was broadcast live by Bluff Media on ESPN360.

The 2008 Pot-Limit Omaha High-Low Split champion is Martin Klaser, from Rheinbach, Germany. He is a 21-year-old student, and aspiring professional poker player. Klaser has played previously in some European poker events.

Klaser turned 21 in April, 2008. At age 21 years and four months, he ranks as one of the youngest WSOP gold bracelet winners in history. However, at least five winners were younger than Klaser at their time of victory.

Klaser studied chemical engineering and aspired to work in a laboratory. However, he discovered poker and is now considering other options.

Before the final table began, Erik Seidel (also a finalist) had picked Martin Klaser as one of the players to watch. Seidel’s instincts proved correct.

Klaser won $216,249 for first place. This was Klaser’s first year to play at the WSOP (due to his age). This was only his third WSOP tournament entry.

Klaser becomes the third German national to win at the WSOP this year. He also becomes only the seventh German ever to win a gold bracelet, following Matthias Rohnacher (1997), Eddy Scharf (with two wins, in 2001 and 2003), Michael Keiner (2007), Katja Thater (2007), Jen Voertmann (2008), and Sebastian Ruthenburg (2008).

The second-place finisher was longtime tournament veteran Casey Kastle, from Chicago, IL

Kastle is owed a great debt of gratitude by all poker players. He was the first player to fight for “smoke free” poker tournaments. Years ago, the WSOP and other tournaments all permitted smoking. Kastle organized players and circulated a petition to make the WSOP “smoke free,” a policy which has been in force since 2004.

Kastle is also one of the foremost spokespersons on the subject of tournament and player integrity. Many of his ideas over the years have been implemented into tournament rules and policies.

Kastle had the chip lead at one point during the final table. However, he lost momentum late in the event. In fact, Martin Klaser won 15 of the 20 heads-up hands between the two finalists.

The final table began at 2:30 pm and ended at 10:45 pm, which totaled about 7 hours and 15 minutes, minus a one-hour dinner break.

Erik Seidel just missed winning what would have been his ninth WSOP gold bracelet, ending up as the fourth-place finisher. A victory would have placed him into near-contention with the so-called “big three” – the trio which includes Phil Hellmuth (11 wins), Johnny Chan (10 wins), and Doyle Brunson (10 wins). As it stands, Seidel remains with eight WSOP triumphs.

With his cash in this event, Erik Seidel now has 52 in-the-money finishes in his WSOP career, which ranks him sixth on the all-time list.

The eight-place finisher was Larry Wright, from McQueeney, TX. Wright raises deer and is the owner of the Big South Texas Ranch.

Former WSOP gold bracelet winners who cashed in this event included Brent Carter (22nd), Joe Hachem (35th), Berry Johnston (39th), and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson (50th).

With his cash in this event, Brent Carter now has 45 in-the-money finishes in his WSOP career, which ranks him tied for eighth on the all-time list.

With his cash in this event, Berry Johnston now has 56 in-the-money finishes in his WSOP career, which ranks him tied for third on the all-time list.

With his cash in this event, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson now has 56 in-the-money finishes in his WSOP career, which ranks him tied for third on the all-time list.

Jim Geary, from Phoenix, AZ cashed in this tournament (15th). He is one of the top ranked scrabble players in the world and has previously represented the United States in the scrabble world championships.

Nikolay Evdakov, from Moscow, Russia is the only player at this year’s WSOP who has cashed seven times – just one off the all-time record mark. Evdakov is positioned to break the record set for “Most WSOP Cashes in a Single Year,” shared by five players -- Michael Binger (2007), Chad Brown (2007), Phil Hellmuth (2006), Richard Tatalovich (2006), and Humberto Brenes (2006), with eight.

Four players have cashed six times at this year’s WSOP. This list includes – Chau Giang, Rolf Slotboom, Alex Jacob, and Roland Isra.

Winner Martin Klaser is officially listed as being from Germany. Through the conclusion of Event #43 at this year’s World Series of Poker, the gold bracelet count by nations and states reads as follows:
10 – Nevada
7 – California
4 – New York
3 – Germany
2 – Canada
2 – Italy
2 – Missouri
1 – Belgium
1 – Denmark
1 – Florida
1 – France
1 – Georgia
1 – Holland
1 – Maryland
1 – Michigan
1 – Ohio
1 – Pennsylvania
1 – Russia
1 – South Carolina
1 – Wisconsin

Nine different nations have produced a gold bracelet winner at this year’s WSOP. This list now includes Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia, and the United States.

The Event #43 winner Martin Klaser is to be classified as an amateur player. He is a student who is aspiring to be a professional. However, this was his first major cash in a live tournament. Accordingly, the “Pro-Am” gold bracelet scoreboard currently reads:
Professionals – 32 wins
Amateurs -- 9 wins
Semi-Pros -- 2 wins

Ed Smith was the chip leader at the End of Day One in this event. He finished as the 23rd place finisher. Through Event #43, the End of Day One chip leaders have gone on to cash 78 percent of the time -- 32 of 41 occasions (the chip leader was not applicable on two events). Twelve of these same 41 chip leaders (29 percent) made it to the final table. Only one chip leader went on to win the event. That lone wire-to-wire winner was Vanessa Selbst in Event #19.

Jon Maren was the chip leader at the start of this final table. He ended up as the fifth-place finisher. Through Event #43, seventeen of 41 chip leaders at the start of the final table (41 percent) went on to win the event. Twenty-four of 41 chip leaders (59 percent) went on to finish in the top three spots. Two events did not have a chip leader (Heads-Up and Shootout tournaments).

The Milwaukee’s Best Light “Player of the Year” standings currently shows Jacobo Fernandez as the current leader, with David Benyamine close behind. Here are the top five ranked players: 1. Jacobo Fernandez – 222 points 2. David Benyamine – 220 points
3. John Phan – 200 points
4.Barry Greenstein – 190 points
5.Erick Lindgren – 185 points
For a complete “Player of the Year” points list, see:

David Benyamine is now the leader on the 2008 prize money list, having won the most money at the WSOP, to date. His accrued winnings total $941,651.

Through the end of Event #43, twenty-five players have now earned at least $500,000 at this year’s WSOP.