WSOP 2008 Event #41, $1,500 Mixed Hold'em (Limit/No Limit), Final Results and Report

WSOP 2008 Event #41, $1,500 Mixed Hold'em (Limit/No Limit), Final Results and Report

Number of Entries: 731
Number of Re-Buys: NA
Total Net Prize Pool: $ 997,815
June 22-24, 2008

Final Results

1 Frank Gary $219,562 Fort Myers Florida
2 Jonathan Tamayo $140,093 Humble Texas
3 Nick Binger $84,814 Las Vegas Nevada
4 Chris Rentes $69,348 Kinnegad Ireland
5 Alex Jalali $56,875 Bochum Germany
6 David Machowsky $44,901 Dayton Ohio
7 Mats Gavatin $34,923 Stockholm Sweden
8 Michael Chu $27,439 Los Angeles California
9 David Sorger $19,956 Toronto Ontario, Canada
10 Todd Witteles $12,472 Las Vegas Nevada
11 Justin St. John $12,472 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
12 Samuel Hiatt $12,472 Dekalb Illinois
13 Elliot Smith $9,978 Richmond British Columbia, Canada
14 Hien Tran $9,978 Sacramento California
15 Klein Bach $9,978 Las Vegas Nevada
16 Daniel Kraus $7,483    
17 Jeffrey Norman $7,483 Encinitas California
18 Anh Nguyen $7,483 Mississauga Ontario, Canada
19 Michael Rosenthal $5,687 Las Vegas Nevada
20 Alexander Borteh $5,687 Lewis Center Ohio
21 Ricky Sanders $5,687 Wolfforth Texas
22 Peter Rho $5,687 Las Vegas Nevada
23 Nicolas Ragot $5,687 Remmes France
24 Michele Guzzardi $5,687 Melbourne Australia
25 Jason Ruffinelli $5,687 Oxnard California
26 Daniel Deveau $5,687 Henderson Nevada
27 John Keefe $5,687 Fayetteville North Carolina
28 Jan Von Halle $4,689 Hamburg Germany
29 Greg De Bora $4,689 Thornhill Ontario, Canada
30 Mitchell Schock $4,689 Bismarck North Dakota
31 Marc Goldman $4,689 Irvine California
32 Dmitry Levi $4,689 Staten Island New York
33 John Sidoni $4,689 Saint Mary’s Pennsylvania
34 Lorenzo Bosforo $4,689 San Diego California
35 Otto Richard $4,689   France
36 Duane Graff $4,689 Hickory Hills Illinois
37 Edwin Kim $3,691 Las Vegas Nevada
38 Jose Tavares $3,691 Northridge California
39 Christopher Podlewski $3,691 Las Vegas Nevada
40 Marc Levy $3,691 Boynton Beach Florida
41 Ronnie Hofman $3,691 Dordrecht Netherlands
42 Cynthia Graflund $3,691 Las Vegas Nevada
43 David Levi $3,691 Las Vegas Nevada
44 John Parker $3,691 Silver Springs Maryland
45 Millie Shiu $3,691 Las Vegas Nevada
46 Zhehao Zhang $3,392 Las Vegas Nevada
47 Alan Adler $3,392 Bakersfield California
48 Nam Le $3,392 Huntington Beach California
49 Kengo Ito $3,392 Tokyo Japan
50 Richard Redmond $3,392 London England
51 Rolf Slotboom $3,392 Amsterdam Holland
52 Corey Parpart $3,392 Henderson Nevada
53 Fabrice Soulier $3,392 Las Vegas Nevada
54 Kevin Wilson $3,392 North York Ontario, Canada
55 Benjamin Landowski $3,093 Hartland Wisconsin
56 Stuart Rutter $3,093   United Kingdom
57 Brandon Lee $3,093 Atlanta Georgia
58 Matthew Shepsky $3,093 Skokie Illinois
59 David Plastik $3,093 Las Vegas Nevada
60 Michael Reed $3,093 Export Pennsylvania
61 Chris Hughes $3,093 Portland Oregon
62 Stuart Paterson $3,093 Boca Raton Florida
63 Davood Mehrmand $3,093 Frankfurt Germany
64 Olivia Boeree $2,793 West Dulwich England
65 Heung Yoon $2,793 Woodbridge Virginia
66 Luigi Esposito $2,793 Glendale New York
67 Samrane Siharath $2,793 Las Vegas Nevada
68 Wasyl Berezansky $2,793 Brigantine New Jersey
69 Kyle Carlston $2,793 Las Vegas Nevada
70 Vimy Ha $2,793 Brooklyn New York
71 Joshua Mammon $2,793 Richmond British Columbia, Canada
72 Andreas Adolfsson $2,793 Las Vegas Nevada


Tournament Notes

The $1,500 buy-in Mixed Hold’em championship (Event #41) attracted 731 entries, creating a prize pool totaling $997,815. The top 72 finishers collected prize money.

Mixed Hold’em includes a rotation of two games – Limit Hold’em and No-Limit Hold’em. Each game is played for 30 minutes at a time.

Entries for this event increased 18 percent over last year when there were 620 participants. This was only the second year this event (Mixed Hold’em) has been offered.

The tournament was played over three consecutive days. The final table was played on the ESPN main stage and was broadcast live by Bluff Media on ESPN360.

Fred Goldberg, who won this event in 2007, did not enter this tournament. This brings the current streak to 41 straight non-cashes for defending champions in their respective events.

The final table included players from five different nations. Countries represented included – Canada, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, and the United States.

The 2008 Mixed Hold’em champion is Frank Gary, from Fort Meyers, FL. He is a 42-year-old retiree. Gary sold off his small high-tech company a few years ago. He worked as a software engineer for many years.

Gary was born in Fort Wayne, IN. He is single.

Since retiring, Gary has traveled around the country in his RV, mostly spending his time playing poker. He tends to travel about half the year, going off to travel and play poker in three-month intervals.

As part of his travel schedule, Gary decided to stop in Las Vegas and enter a few tournaments at this year’s WSOP.

Gary is a man of strong personal faith and conviction. He stated that God made his victory possible in a post-tournament interview and wanted to make certain that he acknowledged the critical role of his faith in the victory.

Gary won $219,562 for first place. He stated that he will invest most of the prize money. However, he plans to play in a few more events at this year’s WSOP.

The second-place finisher was Jonathan Tamayo, from Houston, TX. He recently graduated from Cornell University with a degree in hotel management. “I’m still unemployed,” he said.

Michael Chu, who won a WSOP gold bracelet in 2007, finished in eighth place.

Nick Binger took third place. This was Binger’s fifth cash in two years at the WSOP and first final table appearance.

Other former WSOP gold bracelet winners who cashed in this event included Todd Witteles (10th) and Alexander Borteh (20th).

Through Event #41, only two players have made three final table appearances – Jacobo Fernandez and David Benyamine.

Nikolay Evdakov, from Moscow, Russia is the only player at this year’s WSOP who has cashed seven times – just one off the all-time record mark. Evdakov is positioned to break the record set for “Most WSOP Cashes in a Single Year,” shared by five players -- Michael Binger (2007), Chad Brown (2007), Phil Hellmuth (2006), Richard Tatalovich (2006), and Humberto Brenes (2006), with eight.

Winner Frank Gary is officially listed as being from Fort Meyers, FL. Through the conclusion of Event #41 at this year’s World Series of Poker, the gold bracelet count by nations and states reads as follows:
10 – Nevada
7 – California
4 – New York
2 – Canada
2 – Germany
2 – Italy
2 – Missouri
1 – Belgium
1 – Denmark
1 – Florida
1 – France
1 – Georgia
1 – Holland
1 – Maryland
1 – Michigan
1 – Pennsylvania
1 – Russia
1 – South Carolina
1 – Wisconsin

Nine different nations have produced a gold bracelet winner at this year’s WSOP. This list now includes Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia, and the United States.

The Event #41 winner Frank Gary is to be classified as an amateur poker player since he retired recently and has no significant record of tournament finishes. Accordingly, the “Pro-Am” gold bracelet scoreboard currently reads:
Professionals – 32 wins
Amateurs -- 7 wins
Semi-Pros -- 2 wins

Jonathan Tamayo was the chip leader at the End of Day One for this event. He finished as the runner up. Hence, through Event #41, the End of Day One chip leaders have gone on to cash 77 percent of the time -- 30 of 39 occasions (the chip leader was not applicable on two events). Twelve of these same 39 chip leaders (31 percent) made it to the final table. Only one chip leader went on to win the event. That lone wire-to-wire winner was Vanessa Selbst in Event #19.

Mats Gavatin was the chip leader at the start of this final table. He ended up as the seventh-place finisher. Through Event #41, seventeen of 39 chip leaders at the start of the final table (44 percent) went on to win the event. Twenty-three of 39 chip leaders (60 percent) went on to finish in the top three spots. Two events did not have a chip leader (Heads-Up and Shootout tournaments).

It should be noted that the Milwaukee’s Best Light “Player of the Year” rankings will now include points accrued from the $50,000 buy-in H.O.R.S.E. championship.

The Milwaukee’s Best Light “Player of the Year” standings currently shows Jacobo Fernandez as the current leader, with David Benyamine close behind. Here are the top five ranked players: 1. Jacobo Fernandez – 222 points 2. David Benyamine – 220 points
3. John Phan – 200 points
4.Barry Greenstein – 190 points
5.Erick Lindgren – 185 points
For a complete “Player of the Year” points list, see:

David Benyamine is now the leader on the 2008 prize money list, having won the most money at the WSOP, to date. His accrued winnings total $941,651.