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Mob Poker Trumps

A new version of an old favourite is born. Using regularly updated stats from The Hendon Mob Poker Database, Mob Trumps offers players the chance to challenge their friends to a game live online or to play our computer AI.

Currently we have 4 different decks:
World Poker Stars
Late Night Poker
Women Poker Players

Each card in a deck has 6 different statistics for each player. There are nine different statistics in total which are taken from the database except in the case of 'Tilt' which is an arbitrary figure from 0-100 allocated by the Mob. Popularity is the number of times that player's profile has been viewed in the Mob Database in the last 7 days.

Mob Poker Trumps LogoThese are the categories:
All Time Cashed $
Biggest Single Cash $
WSOP Bracelets
WSOP Cashes
Number of Late Night Poker finals
Late Night Poker cashed
Number of Cashes

At the start of the game the pack is shuffled and your first card is turned over. You should choose the statistic for that player which you think has the best chance of beating your opponent's rating for that same statistic.

If you are playing another person you will be able to chat to them in the private chat window which will appear. We haven't, unfortunately, taught the Mob computer AI to chat yet.

You can download all the cards in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) documents (ZIP files). Print them and play with your friends.
World Poker Stars
Late Night Poker
Women Poker Players