Ross Boatman

Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas
$300 No Limit Hold'em
Report by Ross on Wednesday, 24 September 2003 at 8:03 pm

O.K. here goes… my first entry in the Hendon Mob Prima Tour Diary. But, before I start I just want say: ‘GO ON THE BARNY!’ It was a long overdue victory for my big brother. Finishing second is always disappointing, but there’s nobody I’d rather be beaten by. Well done Barn, I’m proud of you…but next time I’m gonna kick your arse!
Today was a three hundred dollar no limit hold em, one re-buy comp, and in a field of 154 I could only see two other Europeans apart from The Mob. Bruce Korman last year’s winner of the main event and Peter ‘The Poet’ Costa, who came and sat next to me, thankfully on my right. It was a quiet table and we passed a very pleasant afternoon shooting the breeze about this and that. Peter picked up a lot of hands in the first hour, but frustratingly for him, he couldn’t get paid with any of them. Three times he did get action against the same player. Every time he had the best hand, and every time he got beat. He never put a foot wrong, but things never went his way, and he went out half way through the day.
Eventually, I found a hand, pocket jacks, but when I did, Herb (a very nice guy who’d just blown in from Virginia beach and so far hadn’t moved a muscle except to pass his cards), decided to raise under the gun. ‘This don’t smell too good’ I think, as I call his raise. But what the hell, I’ve got position. The flop comes three rags, and Herb comes out betting. Now I know for sure he has a big pair, but somehow my chips found their way into the pot and sure enough Herb turned over two kings. Whoops!
But this was a re-buy comp. I took my re-buy and started playing real good. First off I tried stealing a blind from a guy who clearly couldn’t pass anything but water. He came over the top for his last bit of scratch, which was too little for me to pass. I had to turn over ace three off-suit. Whoops again! I wanted to keep both these stories to myself, but Peter said that if I didn’t spill the beans, he would.
I pulled my game together and made it down to the last thirty. I went out on an evens shot, and in case you’re wondering, the other three all took an early bath.
Tomorrow is the seven card limit. I strongly fancy Ram or Barny to make a show.

$300 NLH Result 154 Entrants 104 Rebuys

1st Kenna James $30,030
2nd Jim Miller $15,015
3rd Minh Nguyen $7,510
4th David Plastik $4,505
5th Ned Cruey $3,380
6th Laumer Hampton $2.635
7th Frank Cremen $1,878
8th Bruce Corman $1,500
9th Steve Addy $1,200