The Squeeky Wheel

Ross Boatman

World Series of Poker, Las Vegas
Report by Ross on Friday, 14 May 2004 at 3:31 pm

Yesterday was the $1,500 no limit hold’em and the Horseshoe was completely packed out with poker players, eight hundred and thirty four of them. There were still over a hundred people waiting to enter half an hour after the tournament had started.
My day began perfectly. I finally found one of those dream tables, one player and seven donkeys .
For once, the deck hit me in the face and I was getting paid off. After two hours I was up to 7,000 and cruising…but then they broke the table.
They handed me a card: Table fifty-seven, seat six. I was looking around the room for my table and at that exact moment someone must have been knocked out because I heard the dealer shout ‘table fifty- seven seat five’ so I knew where the table was and rushed toward it. I got into my seat just in time to stop my hand being taken in and looked down to find pocket sixes. I was in.
The flop came down Jack, six, eight. Aye aye the rush had carried over from my previous seat! To cut a long story short I got it all in against pocket Jacks, and that was that. Why did that dealer have to shout so loud and why had I run so fast? Marvelous. I know I’m not supposed to whine about these kind of things but they’ve got a saying out here that goes ‘ the squeaky wheel gets the grease’.
At the beginning of today’s play fourteen players remained, among them James Vogel winner of the $2,000 no limit. Unfortunately James didn’t make it to the final table, but it was an impressive finish all the same, proving that winning that gold bracelet was no fluke. Peter Roach made it to the final table, he doesn’t play many tournaments but when he does he gets there. Peter finished ninth, well done mate, good work. Ted forest won it, picking up his second bracelet of the Series.