The Golden Age of Poker

Ross Boatman

LA Poker Classic, Los Angeles
WPT Celebrity Invitational
Report by Ross on Friday, 27 February 2004 at 10:20 pm

This is it. It’s here. The Golden Age of Poker has arrived. For too long now poker has been kept in the shadows, in smoke filled back rooms, a world strictly reserved for bad boys, sharks and hustlers. At least that’s how the rest of the world saw it. Times have changed, what with Late Night Poker, The WPT, televising the WSOP and of course on-line card rooms. Poker has finally been brought into the light, into a place where anyone can take part and it’s being recognised for what it is, a game of equal opportunity. Not a game of chance played by desperados relying on the lucky turn of a card but a game of skill played by champions relying on their wits, experience and good judgement.

We have all been aware of the rise of popularity of poker for sometime but it was the day before last at the WPT Invitational Pro/Celeb event that it really hit home for me.

There was a pre event party where a banquet had been laid on. TV crews and walls of photographers were there with their flashlights popping non-stop taking pictures of the scores of celebs and movie stars that had come to battle it out with some of the best poker players in the world.

Unfortunately none of the celebs made the recorded for TV final but they certainly all looked like they enjoyed themselves proving that poker isn’t just about money but it’s fun as well.

We’re off home today but before we go we have one last stop at Fox Sports Studios. They want to talk to us about Late Night Poker, The Mob and PrimaPoker.com. The interview will go out to six million viewers so we will do our best to be good ambassadors for the sport.

Before I go I am pleased to let you know that the Prima Poker Tour 2004 T-shirts have arrived. To get your hands on one simply send your answer to the following question to Prima@thehendonmob.com.

Where was the last stop on the inaugural Prima Poker Tour?