Seven Hundred and Fifty Quid to Spend a Penny!

Ross Boatman

European Poker Championship, London
£500 Pot Limit Omaha
Report by Ross on Saturday, 3 July 2004 at 4:18 pm

It’s been a quite week for me so far partly because I’ve had to miss two tournaments. The first was the £200 PLO. If I had made the final which was the following afternoon I would have missed an interview for a part in a new drama starring Martin Kemp and Michelle Collins. It is a good part and all my scenes would be with Martin whose work I enjoy so I decided not to play. The second tournament that I missed was the £750 NLH although this was not through any choice of mine. Feeling fresh after a day’s rest I got myself a shower and a shave then with my pre-paid ticket in hand I made the hour long journey into town. When I arrived at the Vic there was a huge queue of players waiting to draw their seats. Nature was calling so I decided to make a quick dash to the loo. When I came out the queue had practically disappeared only three players remained. So I joined them and waited to draw my seat. What I failed to realise was that these three people were reserves and as I waited patiently behind them one of them was buying my ticket. Once I reached the front of the queue I was told that my ticket had been sold and that I couldn’t play. The tournament hadn’t even started and in fact it was several minutes later before it did. You may or not already know but Gaming Legislation in the UK is antiquated to say the least. The Gaming Board insist that all players have to be seated for the first hand of an event or they are removed from play and their money is refunded. It would be much better if they used the system that is used everywhere else in the world where if you have paid for your ticket they simply put your chips on the table and ante you up until you arrive. I felt hard done by to say the least as I had really been looking forward to this No Limit freeze-out.

Anyway all that is history. As well as the main event, the £2000 NLH event staring later tonight, this afternoon is the final of the £500 PLO re-buy event. Barny starts the final second in chips (chip leader is Brian Johnson). Go on the Barny!

Full Result - £750 No Limit Hold ‘Em 1st July 2004
Entries 170 Total £127,500

1st Lucy Rokach £50,000
2nd M.Dunleavy £25,840
3rd P.Flanders £14,280
4th H.Todd £8,160
5th A.Adda £4,760
6th J.Grech £4,420
7th S.Akkado £4,080
8th S.Wilsdon £3,740
9th Mel Judah £2,720
10th S.Senior £1,500
11th Graham Pound £1,000
12th Vicky Coren £1,000
13th C.Bjorin £1,000
14th A.Fowler £1,000
15th P.Vickary £1,000
16th G.Jones £1,000
17th Ram Vaswani £1,000
18th G.Adjeniam £1,000