Poetic Justice

Ross Boatman

The Christmas Cracker 2003, Luton
£500 No Limit Hold'Em
Report by Ross on Sunday, 14 December 2003 at 1:46 pm

I have got some words of wisdom for you passed on by my good friend Rambo Vaswani, in poem form, naturally. He has got some advice for any of you thinking about taking him on across the poker table.

If you want a good day
Then keep out my way
If you want a good night
Then keep out my sight
And if you’re thinking of putting me to the test
Then think again and remember whose blessed!

Wow! Who does this kid think he is? Gets lucky, wins a couple of tournaments and all of a sudden he thinks he’s Phil Hellmuth. Well I’ve got some words for you Rambo.

My name is Rocky Ross Boatman
Watch this space for MY hey day
When you come to my table
All I see is my payday
You can raise me and trap me and
Bluff all you like
But when the dealings all done you’ll be
Taking a hike.

Right, I’ve got to rush we are down to the last 21 of the £500 NLH Main Event at Luton. There were 92 entrants and 18 get paid. Ram, Barny and I are all there. Barny is chip leader and I’m not in bad shape. Ram is a bit shortstacked but after all he is blessed. So hopefully all three of us will make it to the final.

See you later…

Luton PLH £250 12th Dec Full Result

84 Runners £250 Rebuys and Add-on 113 Rebuys
Total Prize Money £49,250

1st R Borthwick £18,850
2nd Gary Adjemian £11,000
3rd P Vicory £6,400
4th D Alimi £3,940
5th T Jugpal £2,960
6th A Chambi £1,720
7th D O'Mahoney £1,480
8th S Mills £1,240
9th G Coward £980