No Worries

Ross Boatman

The Aussie Millions, Melbourne
A$450 Limit Omaha
Report by Ross on Monday, 5 January 2004 at 11:50 pm

I missed this event last year due to the birth of my son Buster. The Mrs wanted me to stay home and help out, which personally I thought was a bit selfish. I really couldn’t see what the problem was with me being on the other side of the planet while she looked after a new born baby for the first time. She said I could go if I wanted but that if I did she wouldn’t be there when I got back. Well, that was an easy choice to make…but then I realised that if she left she’d take Buster with her!
Nothing is gonna stop me coming back this year though, I love it here. I love all the ‘Aussies vs the Pomms’ stuff and all the banter that goes with it. Keith ‘Bendigo’ Sloan does a fine job of entertaining the players, moving through the card room armed with his microphone taking the mickey out of anybody who happens to catch his eye. He knows all the players and has a line for every one of them. No one gets left out. He does it so well and with such good heart that you have to laugh, even when it’s your turn to take the heat.
All the boys are here: Billy the Croc, Dog Meat George, Sticky Micky… the list goes on. The Sydney Mob are here, including Sam ‘The Mouth’ Khouiss. With his jogging pants that finish just below his knees and his baseball cap back to front, he looks like a forty two year old Australian version of the Artful Dodger, talking his opponents out of their money with his cheeky charm. And then there’s his best mate Mick ‘the Hoon’ Stanton who tells one great story after the next without ever taking a breath. He’s like a Bulldog on speed; relentless. God help you if you’re sat next to him, you won’t be able to see your cards for the tears of laughter rolling down your cheeks.
I love it, I love it all. Most of all I love the ‘No Worries’ way of life. That’s what they say here. Not ‘How do you do?’ or ‘Have a nice day’, they say ‘No worries, mate’. For me that says it all.
Anyway, today was the A$500 limit Omaha. Nothing much to report, I was the last Mobster standing today. I made it to the money, but only just. What the hell, there’s another tournament tomorrow. No worries.

Above.......Mick 'The Hoon', 'Rocky' Ross and Sam 'The Mouth'.......

It looks like Gareth and Howard's lucky Prima Tour T-Shirts could become quite valuable with two more great final final table results tonight! Well done the Blackpool Mob!

Full Result A$500 Limit Omaha Mon 5th January 2004
100 Entrants

1st Arul Thillai $13,085
2nd Howard Plant $8,327
3rd John Pesut $4,362
4th Gareth Jones $3,172
5th Michael Sampieri $2,775
6th Joe Huminicki $2,379
7th Charles Cushieri $1,982
8th Steve Hegyi $1,586
9th Luke Chezick $1,189
10th Hal Klein $793
11th Jack Panagiotou $500
12th John Homann $500
13th Anthony Donjerkovic $500
14th Ross Boatman $500
15th John Christou $500
16th Tony Cowan $500
17th Bill Potts $500
18th John Maver $500
19th Ulf Hansen $500
20th David Colclough $500