My Mini Mobster

Ross Boatman

Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas
$1,000 Limit Hold'em
Report by Ross on Thursday, 2 October 2003 at 8:21 pm

The Mrs went to play a bit of pai gow with the rest of the gang last night so I got to spend a bit of quality time with my nine month old son and latest addition to the mini mobsters Buster Joe Boatman. Spirits were a bit low as I haven’t had as show since the first tournament, and more so because we were both missing Busters big sister Alabama very much. Buster suggested I ring her in the morning, maybe that would cheer us up, I did and he was right.

This morning I made my way over to the Four Queens for the $1,000 limit hold’em. Could today be different? I made my way to my table and sat next to Warren Karp who runs the late night tourneys at the W.S.O.P we got talking when he reminded me we had spent a day at the same table at last years main event. Warren told me that if I’d found my way to the casino without crashing my car I had all the necessary requirements for a limit hold’em comp. Suddenly I was filled with a new confidence, but it vanished quickly when I remembered I had walked and not driven.

I settled into my seat and began to play, today was going to be different, maybe the Americans do have the edge when it comes to limit but I’m no fool. It was time to attack, raise re-raise, trap check over the top move after move, and for the first couple of hours things were going my way. Things have a habit of changing fast in tournaments and today was not going to be different after all. I could tell you all the sad stories but you’ve heard them all before. Three hours into the day I was out and the rest of the Mob followed soon after.

Tomorrow will be another day. Tomorrow it’s No-limit the main event, the game we’ve all been waiting for. After an early bath and a good night’s rest we will be ready.

84 Entrants
1st Barry Shulman $32,590
2nd Greg Wynn $18,740
3rd Warren Karp $9,780
4th David Kutcher $5,705
5th Gerson Mosbacher $4,480
6th Paul Chazbazof $3,665
7th Doug Saab $2,850
8th Paul Dahl $2,035
9th Paul Sherr $1,635