Ross Boatman on the London Poker Circuit

Ross Boatman

Ross Boatman
Ross Boatman

A couple of weeks back I played in my first London Poker Circuit-Super Stack event and was so impressed. I thought I should put something up to let everybody who hasn't heard about or who hasn't played in yet just how good these events are.

Numbers have been a little low so far which as far as I'm concerned is absolute madness, Phil Gregg and his team are doing a magnificent job and deserve to be packing them out.

I know 825 quid isn't exactly loose change but believe me if you're going to invest that kind of money in a poker tournament these ones are worth every penny. 20k in starting chips, an hour clock and a blind structure that includes every level possible.

If that's not enough to tempt you let me tell you the venue was perfect, it was held in hotel in central London, the room was spacious and peaceful with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, punters and staff. To top it off, three or four levels in, play was stopped for a forty five minute dinner break. I can be a bit picky about what I eat but I wasn't disappointed, we were showed into an adjoining room where a buffet of top class grub was waiting for us. It was a really good night out and a third place finish made it all the sweeter.

I will be at their next Super Stack event this weekend to lend my support and of course to try and nick a few quid, hope to see you there. Details in our database.

London Poker Circuit Main Event Results 25-26th July 2009

Nick Jenkins - £10,000
James Mitchell - £5,750
Ross Boatman - £3,500
Nicos Ioannou - £2,500
Paul Murrell - £1,500