Ross Boatman

The Midland Masters 2003, Walsall
£1,000 No Limit Hold'em
Report by Ross on Tuesday, 2 December 2003 at 1:41 am

The last couple of months haven't been too easy for me. No show at the Vic, one before the final at the main event in Dublin and a load of last two table finishes in Helsinki. This week looked like being more of the same after the first four tournaments; I had made the last two tables in all of them. My confidence was starting to wane. The boys have been great, they keep telling me that after all the wins I had last year I've got nothing to prove but somehow that’s not enough. I needed a final table and a top three finish.
Yesterday was the second day of the main event £1,000 No Limit Hold'em, we were down to the last twenty two and I started the day chip leader. Day one had been a real up and down day I built up a good stack early, it was a good table and I was playing well. My first major pot came when I found J,J in early position I put in a raise and Steve Nash set himself all in with AK there was something about the way he was looking at me with an “I'm so honest” face that made me know for sure that it was A,K he had and not a big pair. I called and Steve flopped a king. It was a huge pot and a big set back but it wasn't long before I found aces, there was a raise from the guy in seat one and then a re-raise from Dave Barnes. After a little dwell up I moved all in, seat one passed and Dave called with Q,Q. I love you Barnsey! It was a massive pot and after that there was no looking back. I ran over the table for the rest of the day and finished it with 99,000. Day two was going to be much tougher, everywhere I looked there were top class players. Barny and Joe were both still there plus Julian Gardner, John Kabbaj and Dave Colclough to name but a few. I started well knocking out Paul Testud and increasing my chip stack to 130,000, then the wheel fell off when I flopped a set of nines. I was up against pocket kings. The other guy rivered a king and suddenly things weren’t looking quite so rosey. Meanwhile at another table Barny found some muppet who cracked up and put all his chips with A,9 against Barny's J,J. The guy hit his ace and Barny was walking. Two tables now and two mobsters left me and the Beevers. It was a long hard slog to get to that final table but we made it.

The first stages of the final passed quickly, I couldn't find a hand and all I could do was survive but maybe that was a good thing because while I was never in a pot everyone around me was dropping like flies and before I knew it we were three handed. Dave Colclough, John Kabbaj and me. At last a top three finish. I was looking nailed on for third as they had all the chips between them, 400,000 each leaving me with the other 100,000 when all of a sudden they clashed in a huge pot. John raised with pocket nines and Dave moved all in with A,Q. John read the situation perfectly and without much hesitation called. It was a great call but you’ve got to win those even shots and when the flop came an ace and a queen John was out.

Heads up now, Dave with 800,000 and me with 100,000 I figured I'd probably come as far as I could but I was feeling focused and wasn't going to give up without a fight. I managed to build up to 150,000 when I found 10, 5 of diamonds. The flop came down a black ten and two rag diamonds. Dave moved all in with 9, 4 of diamonds. He was drawing very slim and I was up to 300,000 now, it was game on. We battled for two long hours. Dave wore me back down to about 175,000 and then took the play out of my game by using his huge chip advantage and moving all in almost every hand. Quite quickly I realised I would have to gamble and play the same way. We had played heads up for an incredible two an a half hours when finally it all went in with my K,Q against Dave’s A,J. His A, J stood up and I had to settle for second. It was a really good feeling to be back at that final table and although I'm disappointed not to win, it was a great match. Dave played like a champ and deserved first spot, congratulations Dave.

Everywhere we go now we see people wearing HendonMob and Prima Poker Tour T-Shirts including Gareth Jones in Walsall who is also coming to Australia with us in January.

It is my son’s first birthday this month and the first ten people to e-mail me and tell me his name will get a free T-shirt complements of the Mob and Prima Poker. Send your entries to Ross@thehendonmob.com.

See you all at Luton…
Stop press: Barny made the final of the last event of the week, the £100 pot limit holdem, finishing 4th.

Full Result of £1000 NLH Main Event (one rebuy and one add-on)
83 Entrants 37 Rebuys (includes add-ons)

1st Dave 'El Blondie' Colclough £54,000
2nd Rocky Ross Boatman £24,000
3rd John 'Large' Kabbaj £12,000
4th Paul Maddern £7,800
5th Charlie Tsolakides £4,800
6th Steve Nash £4,200
7th James Browning £3,600
8th Joe 'The Elegance' Beevers £3,600
9th E Katzi £3,000
10th A Chambi £3,000

Full results of £100 Pot limit holdem. 106 entrants 134 re-buys:

1st J Koumi (England) £7,000
2nd Mickey Wernick (England) £5,500
3rd G Rees £5,500
4th Barmy Barny Boatman (Hendon) £1,600
5th P O'Mahoney £950
6th C Wildman £850
7th Peter Singleton (England) £700
8th John Kriskinans (England) £700
9th M Artemis £600
10th Carol Everton (England) £600