Bubble and Squeek

Ross Boatman

Report by Ross on Thursday, 6 May 2004 at 7:22 am

In case you hadn’t noticed it’s been a particularly painful week for Joe.
Two times he has battled his way through huge fields only to get unlucky and go out on the bubble. However hard he slogged he couldn’t quite make it to the money. Yesterday Joe finally got there in the $5,000 No limit hold-em. He finished fourteenth just four places short of the final table. It’s frustrating to get so close but at least he made it to the money this time picking up $12,000. Good job Joe.
Today was our day off and after spending the first half of the day lazing about by the pool we decided that the second half should involve some cultural adventure. So Barny went off to visit ‘The valley of fire’, a local beauty spot , while the rest of us headed off with my son Buster to ’Chuck E Cheese’ a pizza parlour and amusement arcade for kids. Chuck ‘who is a giant mouse by the way’ has quite a sweet little racket going, after spending fifty bucks on a dodgy pizza you get to spend another fifty on tokens which you use in the arcade to win tickets to trade in for a toy that you wouldn’t pay five bucks for. Like they say out here ‘do the math’. He might look cuddly but that little mouse is as cunning as a sewer house rat.