Breakfast With The Birds

Ross Boatman

Helsinki Freezeout 2003, Helsinki
€150 Pot Limit Omaha
Report by Ross on Wednesday, 12 November 2003 at 11:33 pm

Last time I was here it was December and Helsinki was covered in a crispy white blanket of snow. The only time I ventured outside was to visit the local market where me and the boys drank steaming hot mulled wine and ate whitebait in batter caught fresh that day. With a different Santa on every corner there was a real Christmassy feeling in the air. Today was different, it is still very nippy but the sky was crystal clear and as we made our way through the main square with its huge impressive, classical Italian style buildings everything was bathed in beautiful sunshine. We were out on a food finding mission. We hadn’t eaten since yesterday and everyone was in need of a serious munch. Helsinki is on the coast and when we arrived at the seafront we found a lovely spot where we could eat outside and enjoy a hearty breakfast with a beautiful view. We were served up a local delicacy, burger and chips. Naturally I managed to get mine first and was almost half way through it when Barny sat down and told me the chef had said that we should watch out for the seagulls. I told Barny that the seagulls had better watch out for me first. Barny laughed, he told the chef the very same thing. Nothing comes between the Boatman boys and their food. Barny and I licked our plates clean but Ram, being the good hearted fellow he is, left a little something for the birds. Feeling satisfied but a bit chilly we decided it was time to make our way back to Casino Ray and the warm welcome that would be waiting for us there. It is a great atmosphere here; the players are all friendly and very laid back. The dealers are top class and the staff are all keen to help you in any way that they can. The action here is very good, the Finns are not afraid to gamble, and that my friends is just the way we like it.

With yesterday’s limit hold-em out of the way tonight was the Euro 150 Pot Limit Omaha with re-buys. With only 1500 in chips and the blinds starting at 25 / 50 for the first hour all you could hear was the sound of, ‘Re-buy, re-buy, re-buy.’ It was a lot of fun everyone was gambling outrageously and I never saw anybody get upset when they took a bad beat. Once the re-buys were over the real game would begin. Joe went early tonight, he gambled in what is known in the trade as ‘The Beevers Hand’ – a massive drawing hand that missed. There were 88 players at the start and with 3 tables left three of the Mob were still there. Unfortunately for me and Barny we were all sat together and in true Mob style Ram knocked us both out, first Barny and I was soon to follow.

That was half an hour ago and Ram has just called me to tell me that he’s chip leader in the final.

Got to go, catch you later...

Stop Press...Ram has just called me again to meet him at the bar, he finished 7th.