Boatys Back

Ross Boatman

Irish Winter Tournament, Dublin
€1,500 Main Event No Limit Holdem EPT
Report by Ross on Friday, 22 October 2004 at 6:54 pm

People often ask me if I am addicted to poker. My answer is always pretty much the same, “Poker for me is strictly business… I can take it or leave it.’ Bullshit full stop Bullshit. Three months no action and I’m clucking like a junkie. I need to hold some cards, riffle some chips and play some poker. I NEED THE ACTION.

So, tomorrow after three months of cold turkey, finally I’m going to get my fix. It’s Dublin and the third EPT event, Euro 1500 No Limit Hold’em, 150 runners max. It’s sold out and I can’t wait.

I would like to offer my personal congratulations to John Shipley for winning the last EPT event at the Vic. Great player, great bloke, well done John.

So, why haven’t I played for three months? Well as most of you probably know by now when I’m not playing poker I’m an actor, thespian or lovey – which ever you prefer. Basically I get to dress up, pretend to be someone else and get paid for it, silly I know but I like it.

So while the rest of The Mob have been on the road I’ve been an evil dad in a short film called ‘Xmas’ for the National Film School as well as a detective sergeant in a drama for ITV – a true story about a guy who pretends to win the lottery because his wife threatens to leave him - It’s called ‘Can’t buy me love’ and stars Martin Kemp and Michelle Collins. I have also been a plane spotter in another true story about a group of spotters who while enjoying an open day at a Greek airbase were arrested for spying. Strangely enough it’s called ‘Plane Spotting’. It’s a comedy/drama for Granada TV starring Mark Benson and Lesley Sharp. Don’t miss this one, I was a bit pants in it but everyone else was brilliant.

I’ve had a fantastic time and made some great new friends, who by the way were all very keen to learn how to play poker. In fact I’ve already started teaching them. They're good, very good – and all mine. Anyway the fun is over for now, tomorrow its back to business, so lock up your chips ‘cause Boaty is back in town.