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Who’s a Lucky Face Then?

By Ram Vaswani, 03/01/2004

The Aussie Millions, Melbourne
A$70 No Limit Hold'em
Report by Ram on Saturday, 3 January 2004 at 6:39 pm

Melbourne is without question my favourite venue of the lot. It’s like being back in England but in the summer. The only problem is getting there. Our journey included stops in Amsterdam, Singapore and Jakarta before we arrived in Bali 24 hours later on 31st December. The hotel was putting on a New Years Eve party but we were all shattered and slept through the celebrations. We spent New Years Day on the beach in beautiful sunshine and left Denpasar airport at 2345hrs on the same day. As we arrived in Melbourne the two limo drivers were waiting for us holding up a sign saying, ‘The Hendon Mop’! We arrived at the hotel to hear the news that amazingly there had just been an earthquake in Bali.

The first tournament was Aus$100 NLH re-buy event with a record 188 runners. Not surprisingly the only mobster left with three tables remaining is Barny Boatman. I say this because as we were having breakfast out by the riverside this morning I left him for a minute to get a drink and on my return noticed a big white mark on his head. Unbelievably Barny hadn’t even realised that a seagull had decided to leave it’s mark on his face.

Some guys just get all the luck? Update later...

Update from The Mob 2200hrs Aussie Time...

It would appear that seagulls may be lucky but 'Mad' Marty Wilson has asked us to point out that his son bought him a silver money clip for Christmas as a lucky card marker and that it was the only thing that he has ever bought him; today was the first time that he used it!

Marty won a 500,000 all-in pot against Barny with 99 against AJ suited. Barny went out in third, and Marty won the comp.

Full Result $70+30 NLH (Rebuys and Add-ons $100) 3rd Jan 2004
Number of entries: 188 Number of rebuys: 307
Number of add-ons 324 Total chips in play 819,000
Total prizepool: Aus$ 60,060

1st $17,575 'Mad' Marty Wilson
2nd $11,185 Peter 'The Poet' Costa
3rd $5,858 'Barmy' Barny Boatman
4th $4,261 Joe Tesarerio
5th $3,728 Kenna James
6th $3,195 Gary Benson
7th $2,663 Tim Chambers
8th $2,130 Baden Logan
9th $1,598 Lee Nelson
10th $1,065 Arul Thillai
11th-20th $500 each

The Final Table

A very popular winner!

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