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Ross is Back!

By Ram Vaswani, 07/11/2003

Master Classics Of Poker 2003, Amsterdam
€3,000 LIDO Texas Hold'em No Limit
Report by Ram on Friday, 7 November 2003 at 12:01 am

First of all I would like to congratulate Ross on finishing 20th in the €200 No Limit tournament and scooping the prize money of... €200! Nice to see you back to form, mate.

It’s been a quiet week so far but I have been trying out one of my latest weapons, which I am going to tell you about. My ‘Spot The Internet Player’ radar seems to be a very important tool these days with so many new faces appearing on the scene. Of course a lot of these new faces are turning out to be brilliant players, but a lot of them are having trouble adjusting to the pressure of live play. An example of this was the other night when I played against a guy who was playing in his first ever live tournament. He’d already moved his stack all-in a couple of times very confidently, and without getting called he decided to show two big hands. It wasn’t until an hour later that he moved all-in again, but this time he took much longer and struggled to put his chips in. Now I knew he wouldn’t just put his chips in with anything, but at the same time I felt my Ace-Jack would be higher than his two cards, or at least evens if he had a small pair. In other situations I could easily have thrown my hand away. Sure enough he turned over A-9 suited – the perfect scenario. Of course my reward for this was having to watch him river a nine and double through! Tomorrow I’ll be bringing in my latest weapon – the ‘Spot The Lucky Face’ radar.

Without a Hendon Mobster left in the main tourney, this meant a day off, so Ross and I decided to keep the girls happy and spend the afternoon at the Van Gogh museum. For me this meant looking at two pictures and then spending the rest of the day mucking about with Buster, Ross’s baby boy. Now that’s what I call entertainment!

Update :-

We have four players left in the tournament – Marcel Luske, Ian Oldershaw, Johan Storakers and Dave ‘The Devilfish’ Ulliott. When I asked Dave for a prediction, he said ‘They’re all playing for second!’

Final results:

1. Johan Storakers, Sweden, EUR 243,540
2. Ian Oldershaw, England, EUR 121,770
3. Dave Ulliott, England, EUR 60,885
4. Marcel Lüske, Netherlands, EUR 39,575
5. Wolfgang Pilecki, Germany, EUR 30,443
6. Adam Lee, England, EUR 21,310
7. C.T. Law, England, EUR 15,221
8. Sergei Pevzner, Russia, EUR 12,177
9. Yves Aknin, France, EUR 9,133
10. Dan Uzan, France, EUR 7,306
11. John Kabbaj, England, EUR 7,306
12. Antonio Turrisi, EUR 7,306
13. Robert Mizrach, EUR 6,089
14. Mick Cook, EUR 6,089
15. Robin Keston, England, EUR 6,089
16. Ed de Haas, Netherlands, EUR 4,871
17. Michel Akrich, France, EUR 4,871
18. Van Bum Nguyen, Germany, EUR 4,871

Entrants: 205
Prize money: EUR 615,000
Added prize money: EUR 36,000
Total prize money: EUR 651,000

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