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Quiet Day at The Office

By Ram Vaswani, 30/09/2003

Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas
$500 H.O.E.
Report by Ram on Tuesday, 30 September 2003 at 9:51 pm

See the yanks praying
To avoid the neighing
After feeling the force
Of the Crazy Horse

After a great first week in the 4 Queens it was a quiet day in the office for the Mob. Joe was spotted slipping out of the poker room very early in the day, mumbling to himself. Ross went out an hour later and I followed shortly which left the captain. Got the phone call at 7 o’clock that Barny had been knocked out on the last 3 tables and then had to listen to Joe for half an hour about his bad beat story on what he went out on. Marvellous.

For those of you who don't know H.O.E. is three games, each played for twenty minutes at a time. Limit Hold-em, Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, Limit Stud Eight or better (HiLo). It is not a format that we have played before.

1 Terry Myers $13,385 Yuma, AZ
2 Max Pescatore $7,695 Milan, Italy
3 Stan Schrier $4,015 Las Vegas, NV
4 Amir Vahedi $2,345 Sherman Oaks, CA
5 Scott Fischman $2,015 Las Vegas, NV
6 John Esposito $1,675 Las Vegas, NV
7 M.N. $1,33 Southern California
8 Frank Nerat $1,005 Lansing, MI
Bubble Asher Derei

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