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Quick Mob Double

By Ram Vaswani, 22/07/2004

Victor Poker Cup, London
Report by Ram on Thursday, 22 July 2004 at 3:48 pm

It was straight back into action after the disappointments of the WPT event at the ACF in Paris. Congratulations to Surinder Sunar for his victory – I’ve always said that he is one of the greatest players in the world. The venue this time was Teddington Studios in Teddington Lock, near Twickenham down by the river Thames for the Victor Poker Cup. The set up was great. With five one tables being played simultaneously in one large room with a further seating area for guests to come and watch. I have never liked playing without a live audience for it just seems to take away the true atmosphere of a proper poker game. Also introduced was the ruling of all ‘moodys’ go. I find that this makes the game more interesting and saves a lot of arguments. With only one player able to qualify from each table it was a shame to see that I had been drawn with Barny. The rest of the table included a few on-line qualifiers, a couple of new faces that I’ve never seen and sitting to my right was Mr Psyco himself – Vinnie Jones. I think that everyone was a bit worried about putting a bad beat on him and knocking him out but he took it well when he was the first one to depart and we all had a few good laughs. It was Barny who got off to the best start but when we went down to three players it was I who knocked him out with a pair of sixes against Ace, Jack. This left me level chips with Warren Wooldridge and left Barny open to do the commentary for the final. All was going to plan as I grinded my way to an 85,000 to 15,000 chip lead. But then a double through and a succession of pots for my opponent meant that I was now the one with a short stack. I managed to get myself back into a slight lead before an all-in pot where I had two Jacks against King, Jack and the Jacks stood up.

Now it was time to funk Joe on for a quick Hendon Mob double on the next table. Joe was heads up and had his opponent all-in twice with the best hand but he got unlucky both times before getting lucky himself in the last pot when he hit a straight on the turn and added another one table win to his already impressive record. Also qualified for the final was John Kabbaj who won a marathon battle against the noisiest man in the room, the Mad Yank, Ron Fanelli.

Good luck today to Ross who plays his heat later on tonight.

Victor Poker Cup £5000 NLH 100 Entrants 10 tables of 10 with the winner of each progressing to the final on Friday 23rd June 2004

1st Prize £250,000 (10 get paid)

Results from Day 1 Wednesday 21st June 2004

1. Philip Mooring
2. Paul Dunlop
3. Simon Trumper
4. Karl Limbert
5. Tony G
6. Bruce Corman
7. Stuart Fox
8. Ronald ‘Mad Yank’ Fanelli (Runner up)
9. Dan Alspach
10. John Kabbaj -------- WINNER: John Kabbaj

1. Sonny Nijran
2. Korosh Arshadnejad
3. Michael-Achilleas Kallakis
4. Bruce Atkinson (Runner up)
5. Barry Paskin
6. Martin Wickholm
7. Tristan McDonald
8. Marty Wilson
9. Howard Plant
10. John Murphy ------- WINNER: John Murphy

1. Stig Andreas Sorenson (Runner up)
2. Paul Maxfield
3. John Dubland
4. Tim Flanders
5. Phil Rouse
6. Nick Gold
7. Robert Cooper
8. Bambos Xanthos
9. Andreas Hagen
10. Garry Bush -------- WINNER: Garry Bush

1. Patrick Eccles
2. Ian Burgess
3. Vinnie Jones
4. Andy Efstathiou
5. Pete Haslam
6. Barny Boatman
7. Jeff Bloor
8. Warren Wooldridge (Runner up)
9. Deborah Rogers
10. Ram ‘CrazyHorse’ Vaswani --------- WINNER: Ram Vaswani

1. Bambos Charalambous
2. Willie Tann
3. Greg Amoils
4. James Browning
5. Alan Smurfit
6. James Vogl
7. Rory Liffey
8. Paul Barber
9. Stephen Lennon (Runner up)
10. Joe ‘The Elegance’ Beevers -------- WINNER: Joe Beevers

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