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One Year On...

By Ram Vaswani, 08/09/2004

Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas
$300 Pot Limit Omaha
Report by Ram on Wednesday, 8 September 2004 at 3:51 pm

Even though it has been three months since I have got married my wife and I decided four days in sunny Florida would be a great honeymoon - better late than never they say! Little did we know however that we were to be joined by Hurricane Frances. We managed to squeeze in a couple of great days at both Sea World and Discovery Cove where we swam with the dolphins. It was a little scary knowing that the hurricane was on it's way but we were told our hotel was the safest place to be. Even though it was the first time that I had seen waves come out of a lake and palm trees being uprooted it was quite an experience. We managed to get to Vegas just a day later than planned having dodged a little tornado. It was nice to be back at our second home.

Our first tournament at the Four Queens was very special as it was not only the first anniversary of the Prima Poker Tour but also the event where the Boatman brothers made history last year when finishing first and second. Sadly Ross couldn't make it this time around due to work commitments as he is obviously under the impression that he is still an actor.

Anyway, one thing has been bugging me a little lately, because even though it's been a great year so far and I've had some big results we are more than half way through and I am still yet to actually win a tournament. So when I knocked out Joe in 15th place and went to the final table chip leader I began to feel a little excited. But it was not to be and I had to settle for a third place finish.

In between I managed to bump into poker player Ron Rose and had a look at his new book 'Poker Aces'. The book contains 89 players from 25 different countries including all of the Mob. It shows results, photos, profiles and has some great stories about the biggest names in poker. With all the poker TV coverage these days it is a great chance for anyone to find out a little bit more about their favourite players. It's a great book and you'll be glad to know that it will be available on the Hendon Mob website shortly.

Full Result $ 300 Pot Limit Omaha

Tuesday 7 September 2004
43 entries 108 rebuys $ 43,941

1st Richard Roberts $ 15,380
2nd Jim Sugarek $ 9,230
3rd Ram 'Crazy Horse' Vaswani $ 4,835
4th Terry Myers $ 3,515
5th Darcy Christensen $ 3,075
6th Tom Christopher $ 2,635
7th Carl Bailey $ 2,191
8th Mike Cowley $ 1,760
9th Charles Edwards $ 1,320

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