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Ironing Out The Creases

By Ram Vaswani, 13/01/2004

The Aussie Millions, Melbourne
A$1,000 Pot Limit Hold'em
Report by Ram on Tuesday, 13 January 2004 at 12:30 pm

It’s been a hectic couple of days here in Melbourne. First there was the heads up final bringing together a great match up between Per Werner Svenson, the young Swede better known for his on-line poker who claims to have won $300,000 in the last twelve months came up against one of my favourite all time players, American Layne Flack. Layne seems to have one of the quickest poker brains that I have ever seen enabling him to always keep the crowd entertained but proving to be a tough opponent as both Joe and Ross found out. It was the Swede who came through however proving once again the power of on-line poker bringing in new talent.

Belated congratulations to Barny for his birthday a couple of days ago although we won’t mention any ages. We all went to a local nightclub which meant getting dressed up. The problem was I had no shirts ready so after getting a few tips and having a long struggle I proudly managed to iron my first ever shirt. Anyway about 20 people all turned up and we all had a great time.

Yesterday was relatively a quiet day for The Mob with only Joe going close and finishing about 20th but we are all looking forward to the last two big tournaments. Today is the $5,200 Pot Limit Omaha two day event and it is just about to start so bye for now....updates later

Full Result $1,000 (+$100) Pot Limit Hold-em Monday 12th January
Unlimited Rebuys
Number of entries: 94
Number of rebuys: 95
Total prizepool: $189,000
Total chips in play 472,500

1st Mike Ivin $62,370
2nd Kevin Khouiss $29,690
3rd Han Luu $20,790
4th David Colclough $15,120
5th Steve Hegyi $13,230
6th David Szetho $11,340
7th Toby Atroshenko $9,450
8th Joe Samia $7,560
9th Martin Wilson $5,670
10th Michael Sampieri $3,780

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