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Dinner with the lovely Bonnie...

By Ram Vaswani, 04/10/2003

Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas
$5,000 No Limit Hold'em Championship
Report by Ram on Saturday, 4 October 2003 at 11:24 pm

With Joe the only remaining player on day two of the main event the rest of us decided to hire a cabana at the pool. This gave me a chance to finish the book I had started at the beginning of the week; King of the World, a story of the early years of my all time hero Muhammad Ali and a book not to be missed. In my first visit to the poker room unbelievably I found Joe in the middle of a pot. Joe had put a third of his stack in with two eights against an all in man who had Ace, seven. Incredibly an eight came last card to give his opponent a straight. My next visit an hour later saw Joe walking out of the poker room with a miserable expression on his face. He has just been knocked out holding tens against Jacks and so ended a disappointing final event but nevertheless a great festival on the first leg of The Prima Poker Tour.

Tonight we were all invited to eat at Hugos, voted ‘Best gourmet restaurant in Vegas’ with the lovely Bonnie Damiano, Tournament Producer of the Four Queens. There was a mixture of too much Chablis, crabs legs and red wine. We had a great time and are all now looking forward to the next leg of the tour.

See you at The Vic on Monday.

Good luck to all of tomorows main event finalists:

Seat 1 Paul Krok $126,600
Seat 2 Dan Negreanu $225,700
Seat 3 Thor Hansen $32,600
Seat 4 Kirk Conrad $145,800
Seat 5 Kathy Liebert $182,400
Seat 6 Randall Skaggs $30,600
Seat 7 Peter Costa $17,700
Seat 8 Steve Ford $163,800
Seat 9 Dan Harrington $45,700

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