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Billy ‘The Kid’ Barnes

By Ram Vaswani, 09/10/2004

Poker Classics 2004, London
£3,000 No Limit Holdem Championship EPT
Report by Ram on Saturday, 9 October 2004 at 6:29 pm

Even with a lot of the European players going to the big 7 card event in Baden it has been a great week here at the ‘Vic’ with most of the tournies being full up. As well as the usual suspects there has been a whole new bunch of players to load into the memory banks.

Having been knocked out of the £750 event midweek I bumped into a friend of mine, a Mr Dave Barnes. Dave is one of the true gentlemen of the poker world as well as being as avid Arsenal supporter, so when he told me that he wanted to introduce me to a young kid who is going to be a future super star in the world of poker I was intrigued. Being a good looking lad it was not easy for me to work out it was actually Dave’s son. Anyway Billy is 24 years of age, has only been playing 7 months and already has a trophy from winning the 500 Euro main event in Cork. Not only that, but Dave promises me that he never actually coaches Billy himself.

Billy was going very well in the £750 NLH and got a little unlucky just missing out on the money. Dave got the whole card room to sing him happy birthday as a consolation prize.

Today is the EPT £3000 NLH main event that is being filmed for TV. Barny and I are the only Mob representatives as Ross is making a movie in Portugal and Joe is going to his best friend’s wedding. We will have updates all day Sunday on so you can follow the action there.

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