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Bad Girls?

By Ram Vaswani, 01/07/2004

European Poker Championship, London
Report by Ram on Thursday, 1 July 2004 at 1:48 pm

First of all I would like to congratulate Xuyen ‘Bad girl’ Pham on her win in the WPC in Dublin and also to Joe for yet another second place finish in front of the cameras. I think it was great to see our first ever female winner on TV but how a little sweetie like Pham ever got a nickname like ‘Bad Girl’ I’ll never know. Well done to everyone at the Merrion Card Casino and to the sponsors Gaming Club for running a great tournament which produced an unbelievable field of not just top European but also some of the top American players which included no less than 5 world champions. Also I am always a big fan of any tournament where the players are allowed to wear logos. Drawn on my table was current world champion Greg Raymer and I’ll never forget going heads up with ex-world champion Carlos Mortensen in my heat. We were about level on chips when a third club hit the turn. I set him in with the bare ace and he called with a straight. Of course the club came on the river and like I said in my interview afterwards sometimes it’s just good to be blessed. I was lucky to make the final and therefore wasn’t too upset about being the first one eliminated after about 20 minutes. Anyway it was straight back to the Vic where things have been a bit quiet for the first half of the week for The Mob. I am very disappointed to see that they have taken out my favourite tournament, the pot limit seven card stud, but at least we have a couple of big No Limit tournies to look forward to.

Well done to Vicky Coren as well for her second place in the £200 PLH. This is the sixth time that she has played this event and the third time that she has made the final.

Joe just missed out on today’s £200 PLO Final when Surindar knocked him out in 10th for £448 in prize money. The line up is as follows:

85 Entries 139 Rebuys 1st Prize £17,024 total prize pool £44,800

Seat 1 Martin Clark 88,000
Seat 2 Andrew Georgiou 18,000
Seat 3 Surindar Sunar 106,000
Seat 4 Fari Badimansour 74,500
Seat 5 Sonny Nijran 116,000
Seat 6 Simon Trumper 94,000
Seat 7 Mick Cook 42,000
Seat 8 Ben Grundy 20,000
Seat 9 Paul Maddern 117,000

Results of the first two events at the Victoria Casino, London this week.

Monday 28th June 2004 £200 PLH
170 Entries 210 Rebuys £76,000 Prize Pool

1st AJ Nung £26,980
2nd Vicky Coren £14,910
3rd Lawrence Windish £9,230
4th Steve Willsden £5,680
5th M Winberg £3,550
6th B Elliott £3,195
7th G Evans £2,840
8th Bruno Micciardi £2,485
9th Dave Barnes £2,130
10th P Wise £1,000
11th D Lloyd £600
12th J Wong £600
13th G Mackett £600
14th J Grech £600
15th P Singleton £400
16th M Banin £400
17th D Statham £400
18th M Irfen £400

Tuesday 29th June 2004 £500 PLH
109 Entries 89 Rebuys £ 99,000 Prize Pool

1st D Mehmand £34,390
2nd E Sebag £19,005
3rd J Cooke £11,763
4th M McClusky £7,240
5th R Liffey £4,525
6th R Wolfe £4,072
7th P Maddern £3,620
8th A Antonio £3,167
9th G Bush £2,715
10th M Cook £1,500
11th Ram Vaswani £1,000
12th Dunleavy £1,000
13th R Keston £1,000
14th P Tserliangos £1,000
15th W Woolridge £750
16th I Rivenas £750
17th P King £750
18th T Iverson £750

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