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The Hendon Mob Poker League 8

Hendon Mob and Special Guest Bounties

Knock out a member of The Hendon Mob (Barny, Joe, Ram or Ross) in any league tournament and receive your $11 tournament buy-in back.

Each week there will be a special guest bounty. Knock them out and you'll win a Hendon Mob lapel badge and two packs of high quality PVC Hendon Mob playing cards.

IMPORTANT: In order to qualify these prizes you MUST post in the official forum thread in the Mob Forum for each particular tournament. This cannot be done retrospectively! If you knock out a Mob member or guest bounty, and have not posted in the official thread for that tournament, you will NOT get the bounty and the post must be made BEFORE the bounty is won.

If you do not have a forum account then open one here.

Existing Bounty Points

This league bounty points are not being offered. They will likely be in future leagues, and we will honour any existing points, should you wish to spend any you have saved on cash. If you do want to cash in, please see the table below. You might want to hold on a few weeks though, as there will be another use for them, which you may well prefer....

Please e-mail with any bounty queries or requests.

Cash Bounty Prizes

League Buy-in
10 Points

$1 Cash
2 Points

$10 Cash
15 Points

$20 Cash
25 Points

$50 Cash
50 Points

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