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The Hendon Mob Poker League 7

This Hendon Mob Poker League is now over. Here are the full details of the new Hendon Mob Poker League 8.

League Prizes

Bounty Prizes

There are $1,000s of dollars in Bounty Prizes to be won, including entries to league events, poker and gaming books, Full Tilt and Hendon Mob gear, and even private coaching and Q&A sessions with The Mob! See the Bounty Points section for information on how to earn bounty points.

World Series of Poker* 2011 (WSOP) Package

$4,000 WSOP 2011 package for the outright league winner. The package comprises a $1,500 buy-in and $2,500 for flights, hotels and spending money.

Three World Series of Poker* 2011 Europe (WSOPE) packages

In addition we are giving away three WSOPE packages. The three WSOPE 2011 packages comprise entry into the £1075 No Limit Hold'em event1, with the remainder of the $2500 being given for expenses and spending money. The packages will be won as follows:

  1. $2,500 WSOPE Package 1: The league runs for 8 full months and we will have an individual monthly winner for each (Sep-Apr inclusive). The 8 monthly winners will play a tournament to decide which of them qualifies for the 1st $2500 WSOPE* 2011 package.
    If there is a tie on points for a monthly winner, all players tying will play a no limit hold'em SnG to determine who qualifies for this play-off. In the likely event that a monthly winner wins the league, they do not qualify for the 8 man tournament and the next highest placed person in the league who wasn't a monthly winner takes their seat. If a player wins more than 1 month, then again, the highest finisher in the league not yet qualified takes that month's seat, it is not passed on to the 2nd place for that month.

  2. $2,500 WSOPE Package 2: The remaining highest 18 placed finishers in the league play a 2 table SnG for the 3rd package.
    The league winner and those playing in the 8 man tournament do not qualify for the 2 table SnG. It is therefore likely that a player finishing as low as 27th will make the 18 man play-off for the 2nd WSOPE* package.

  3. $2,500 WSOPE Package 3: The fourth WSOP package will be won by one of the most regular league players in the League Loyalty Freeroll.
    There are 34 tournaments (excluding play-offs) in the schedule. Any player who plays 33 or 34 of these will qualify for a seat. In addition to the $2500 WSOPE package, $500 will be put into the general tournament prize pool. Note that this tournament is open to ALL players who meet this criteria. It is therefore possible to win a second package in the loyalty freeroll, if you won one of the first three!

1 2011 World Series of Poker Europe schedule not confirmed. Equivalent tournament entry will be substituted if necessary.

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