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The Hendon Mob Poker League 7

This Hendon Mob Poker League is now over. Here are the full details of the new Hendon Mob Poker League 8.

Tournament Calendar

All tournaments played 8pm UK Time on Tuesdays. The tournament IDs are announced each Tuesday on the forum.

September 2010

7th $10+$1 NLH
14th $10+$1 PLH
21st $10+$1 PLO
28th $10+$1 NLH

October 2010

5th $10+$1 NLH
12th $10+1 NLH RUSH
19th $10+$1 7 Game
26th $10+$1 PLH

November 2010

2nd $10+$1 NLH
9th $10+$1 NLH (six handed)
16th $10+1 PLO RUSH
23rd $10+$1 HA
30th $10+$1 NLH (double stack)

December 2010

7th $10+$1 NLH
14th $10+$1 NLH RUSH
21st $10+$1 NLH Heads Up Shootout
28th $10+$1 NLH (six handed)

January 2011

4th $10+$1 NLH
11th $10+$1 RAZZ
18th $10+$1 PLO HiLo
25th $10+$1 NLH (six handed)

February 2011

1st $10+$1 LH
8th $10+$1 10 Game (double stack)
15th $10+$1 PLO (six handed)
22nd $10+$1 NLH

March 2011

1st $10+$1 NLH
8th $10+$1 PLH
15th $10+1 HORSE
22nd $10+1 2-7 Triple Draw Limit (double stack)
29th $10+$1 NLH (six handed)

April 2011

5th $10+$1 NLH
12th $10+$1 HORSE (double stacked)
19th $10+$1 PLO (double stacked)
26th $10+$1 NLH (triple stacked)


Tues May 3rd 2011 - Monthly Winners Playoff
Weds May 4th 2011 - Second 18 player Playoff
Thur 5th 2011 - League Loyalty Freeroll

Check the prizes page for explanations on how the prizes will be allocated.

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