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 Mob Forum Online Poker League 4

This Hendon Mob Poker League is now over. Here are the full details of the new Hendon Mob Poker League 8.

Tournament Calendar

All tournaments played 8pm UK Time (3pm by the Full Tilt clock)


22 $10+$1 NLH 
29 $10+$1 HORSE


5  $10+$1 NLH
12 $10+$1 Limit Hold'em
19 $10+$1 NLH 
26 $10+$1 NLH (short handed 6 to a table)


4 $10+$1 NLH
11 $10+$1 Razz
18 $10+$1 NLH
25 $10+$1 NLH (double stack)


1  $10+$1 PLO (short handed 6 to a table) 
8  $10+$1 NLH 
15 $10+$1 HORSE
22 $10+$1 PLO (deep stack)
29 $10+$1 NLH


League winner gets a gold Mob badge and the 1st of 4 $4000 WSOP packages

6th May - Heads Up 2nd and 3rd place Playoff 
7th May - Playoff for places 4th-7th 
8th May - Playoff for places 8th-16th

Download Full Tilt Poker and play with the Mob
Download Full Tilt Poker to play in the league

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