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Trace Fielding
Trace Fielding

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Joe 'Toolman'

Our October mobster is Joe 'Toolman'.

Joe 'Toolman' 









How do you know about the Hendon Mob:

Saw it on Full Tilt, talked to Joe Beevers

Hobbies / Interests:

Poker, bowling, baseball & golf

Favourite film:

What About Bob?

Favourite music:

The Who

Favourite person:

My Mom

Favourite joke:

I have a favorite dirty joke but the one I made up years ago is this I manage a tool rental and one day my employee was cleaning a motor. This is years ago... and we would put gasoline in a can and clean the motor with a brush dipped in the gas. Well a stray dog ran in the yard from the alley and started drinking the gas from the can. My employee shoed him away. He ran real fast back to the alley and dropped down motionless. My buddy said that he died and I said no, he ran out of gas - oh well I am not a comedian.

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