Rickie Vedhara

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Vedhara - Out

In a 3-way pre-flop raising war, Rickie Vedhara moves all in and elicits a call from Blatchley. Farthing, sat one after Blatchly and has Blatchly covered in chips, immediately re-raises all in.

After a long dwell, Blatchly folds.

Farthing tables A K and Vedhara, who has played an excellent game throughout the tournament, shows 9 4

The board runs 2 8 T 5 5

Vedhara is out in 5th place for £6500.

Chip counts on break

James Dempsey 599,500
Michael Punn 522,000
Neil Blatchley 504,500
Marcus Farthing 434,000
Harpit Gurnam 219,500
Rickie Vedhara 214,500

Battle of the blinds

Michael Punn calls on the button, the small blind Vedhara calls, James Dempsey checks his option in the big blind. The flop is 6 4 K and Vedhara leads out for 22,000. James calls, Punn folds. The turn is a 4 and it’s checked. The river brings an ace and it’s checked to Dempsey who bets 35,000 and is called. Dempsey shows K5 and Vedhara mucks.