Harpit Gurnam

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Farthing hits quads, Gurnam out

Dempsey raises to 50k in mid position, Farthing re-raises to 150k, Gurnam moves all in for 194k total in the small blind.

Dempsey folds. Farthing calls for 44k extra.

Farthing turns over J J and Gurnam tables A A

Flop is 2 J 4

Turn 9

River J

Gurnam leaves in 6th place for £4000

Chip counts on break

James Dempsey 599,500
Michael Punn 522,000
Neil Blatchley 504,500
Marcus Farthing 434,000
Harpit Gurnam 219,500
Rickie Vedhara 214,500

Harpit picks up a pot

He raises it up under the gun to 46,000 total. Neil Blatchly calls in the small blind and it’s checked all the way down on a board of 2 Q 8 5 K Harpit shows pocket 10s and takes the 100K or so chips.