Neil Blatchley

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Eliminations before the break

Neil Blatchlley, 2008 Bristol GCBPT Leg Winner, is gone, along with:

Adam Vinson
Ashley Hames
Erik Svanes
Kenny Burke
Neil Blatchley

Entrants so far

Day 1A so far has 77 registrants but with entries still being accepted that may increase. Players choosing the first of the two starting days include Rob Akery, who finished 2nd in this event last year, leg winners Rupinder Bedi, Colin Wu and Neil Blatchley, Henning Granstad, Barny Boatman and Victoria Coren. Anthony Hames, who you may have seen rather more than you would have wanted to on TV show Sin Cities, is also playing.

Nuts vs 2nd Nuts

Battle of the blinds, in an un-raised pot. By the river the board was: K 7 6 9 4

Neil Blatchley check raised Saleh Mahgrh and Saleh called.

Neil Blatchley: T 8

Saleh Mahgrh: 8 5

Neil’s up to around 15k and is one of the chip leaders.

Neil Blatchly wins!!

Neil Blatchley takes the prize for the 2008 GCBPT Bristol.

In the final hand, Marcus Farthing moves all in for his recently-reduced 200K stack with A T and is called instantly by Blatchly’s A 7

The flop of 2 K Q offer no help for Blatchly and neither does the turn card of 8

But the 7 on the river give Blatchly the trophy, the seat in the final and £34,750* first prize money.

*after the deal between the final 2 where both took £30,000 and played for the remainder and the trophy.

All but game over

On a flop of T 8 4 Marcus on the button bets 50,000 and is called. The turn is a 7 and Marcus again bets, 70,000, there’s a reraise from Neil and Marcus moves all-in. Neil shows 5,6 for the straight, Marcus has K,6. The river is another 4.

Heads up counts

Marcus is on 1.34 million and Neil 1.15. Given the deal made it’s likely to be a short heads up though.

Dempsey out in third place

Dempsey raises to 35k extra on top of the 20k big blind, Blatchly re-raises 108k more, Dempsey moves all in.

Blatchly insta-calls and tables A Q and Dempsey shows A 2

Board comes 4 9 T 7 Q

Dempsey goes out in third place for £16,000

The Neil and James show continues

They have been going at each other all evening and this time it’s Neil who comes out on top. James Dempsey raises on the button and Neil moves all-in for 286,000 more and is called. James shows A9 and Neil has 88 – the race is on. The flop is T J 5, the turn brings an ace to send James Dempsey into the lead, Neil hits one of the two 8s left on the river though to double through to over 600,000.

Vedhara - Out

In a 3-way pre-flop raising war, Rickie Vedhara moves all in and elicits a call from Blatchley. Farthing, sat one after Blatchly and has Blatchly covered in chips, immediately re-raises all in.

After a long dwell, Blatchly folds.

Farthing tables A K and Vedhara, who has played an excellent game throughout the tournament, shows 9 4

The board runs 2 8 T 5 5

Vedhara is out in 5th place for £6500.

Dempsey still applying pressure

Neil raises to 56,000. James Dempsey raises 60,000 more from the big blind and Neil calls. The flop is 4 8 3 and Dempsey bets 160,000. Neil takes off his glasses and ponders and it looks like James may be trying to encourage a call with some speech play, although his doesn’t give away anything when Neil folds.