Jamie Reeve

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Reevio - Out

Reevio has been eliminated from the tournament in 7th and gets paid 3200 for his efforts.

Reeve doubles up straight-away against Dempsey

Reeve shows K-T against Dempsey’s J-Q

Board is 7-3-9-9-4

Reeve tangles with Punn

Reeve raises to 44k in MP and is re-raised by Punn to 100k total.

Reeve calls.

Flop is K 9 T

Reeve moves all in, Punn insta-calls.

Revio shows T 3

Punn shows J J

Turn is 9 and the river is 8

Trevor Pearson the first to go at the final table

Jamie Reeve raises 33,000 from middle position and short stacked Trevor moves all-in from the small blind. Jamie calls with K 4 and Trevor shows A Q. The flop is 2 Q T, the turn an 8 and the river a cruel king to send Trevor Pearson out in 9th with £2400.

Reevio Takes The First Pot.

Marcus Farthing raises to 27,000 in late position, Reevio re-raises 150,000 on the button and takes down the first pot of the final table.

Nice Pot for Jamie Reeve

Neil Blatchley bets 22K.

Jamie Reeve all-in with 150K. Neil calls.

Jamie shows 6 9, Neil – 10 K.

Flop is 7 9 2… Q 5.

Peter Leeper goes

With only a couple of big blinds left he’s all in with A 8 against Jamie Reeve’s Q T

9 9 7 Q 4 gives Jamie the 16,000 pot and we are rapidly approaching the money. 26 players remain.

Reevio on the move

Jamie Reeve defends his small blind against Harprit Gurnam’s preflop aggression, reraising and eventually taking the pot down uncontested. Harprit flips over the A as he passes.