James Dempsey

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James Dempsey - Out

His Queens ran into the Aces of Matthew Wilson.

All the chips went in pre-flop.

Board: 7 J 6 3 5

James Dempsey loses a big pot

Blinds: 1500/3000 Antes: 300

Richard Haile min bets a 5 Q K flop

James Dempsey raises and makes it 12k to play, Richard calls

The turn: 9

James fires a second bullet, Richard calls again

The river: 8

James announces he’s all in, Richard tanks for a while and eventually makes the call. He tables J J

James Dempsey mucked his hand

Chip Leaders at the break.

1 Sze-Ching Ngui 272,200
2 Dave Colclough 268,600
3 David Maudlin 254,700
4 Alan Vinson 211,700
5 Yucel Eminoglu 130,200
6 Rakesh Gupta 121,700
7 Laurence Houghton 111,000
8 Charalambos Xanthos 108,600
9 James Dempsey 106,400
10 Michael Punn 101,300

Xanthos and Dempsey tangle

Blinds: 1000/2000 Ante: 200

James makes a pot size bet of 18k on a board that was: 8 T 8 6 Bambos takes about 5 minutes to make his decision but he finally passes.

James Dempsey is now up to 137,000

Michael Greco still hanging in

Michael Greco goes all-in pre-flop for about 10K.
And hes is called by James Dempsey with 7 7.
Greco shows A K.
The board is J K 10 K 3.

Barny doubles through just before the break

His queens good enough to beat James Dempsey’s AJ. Barny up to 34000

Current chip leaders.

1 Ali Mallu 130,000
2 James Dempsey 125,000
3 Dave Colclough 120,000
4 Kevin Parks 113,675
5 Yucel Eminoglu 96,000

52 players remain
Average stack: 51,100
Chips in play: 2,655,000

Table 2.

1. Surinder Sunar
2. Joe Beevers
3. James Dempsey
4. Julian Davies
5. Robert Price
6. Richard Howard.
7. Allex Torrance.
8. Charalambos “Bambos” Xanthos
9. James Aitkenhead
10. H Tran

James Dempsey

Blinds: 300/600 Ante:50

James raises from early position, Roberto Romanello announces all in, James makes the call

James Dempsey: Q Q

Roberto Romanello: T T

No help on a 5 A 5 K 3 board and Romaanello is out

James is now on 120,000 and is the chip leader!

Yadi Ahmadi - Out

3 players see a flop of K 5 5

Ahmadi bets out 3,000, James Dempsey calls, Yucel Eminoglu raises it to 6,000 and gets both callers.

Turn: 6 – Ahmadi & Dempsey both check, Eminoglu bets out 12,000 and Ahmadi calls for all his chips. Dempsey folds.

Ahmadi: K8
Eminoglu: 5 3

River: A

Ahmadi is eliminated on the final level of play.