Robert Butt

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Robert Butt - Out.

It’s raised to 500 by Peter Garrett on the cut-off and is called by Robert Butt on the small-blind, the big-blind folds.

The flop is 7 Q 10

Butt checks to Garrett who bets out another 500. Butt re-raises to 1,600 and is called.

Turn: 3

Butt leads out with a bet of 3,000 and Garrett moves all-in. Butt makes the call and tables KJ while Garrett shows his 10’s for the flopped set.

The river is a 2 which sends Robert Butt to the BlackJack tables.

Butt out

Robert Butt has been eliminated from the tournament.

Butt's big blind special

A flop of Q 2 5 was checked by Robert Butt in the big blind and raised by C Ward under the gun. Butt reraised to 4000 and Ward went into the tank. She eventually folded claiming jacks. Butt exposed Q 2 for the flopped two pair.

Butt of the jokes

Quote of the day from Robert Butt: “I just had my six-two cracked by aces.”

Value Butt

Robert Butt raised to 600 in early position and was called by Z Aslam in middle position, G Gabriel on the button, and Hoi Lui in the small blind. Despite the value offered, the big blind folded. The flop was 4 J 9. Lui checked, Butt bet 600, and only Gabriel called. The turn was 9 and Butt fired the second barrel for 1000. Gabriel called again. The river T was checked down and Butt showed A J which was enough to make Gabriel muck.

All in the Middleton

Tom Middleton raised to 400 in middle position and was called by the two players on his left: Jonny Horn and Robert Butt. A flop of J 5 6 is checked to Butt who bets 1000. Back to Middleton who moves all-in for around 3500. After some deliberation Horn called and Butt got out of the way. Middleton’s A K were way behind Horn’s 6 6 for middle set. The impossible did not happen when turn and river came 9 3 and Middleton hit the rail.

Robert Butt gains some chips

On a flop of A 9 Q Butt bets 700 and is called by one opponent.

The turn is a 9 and is checked to the river which brings a 2

Butt bets another 1200 which is called and he shows A J to take a nice pot.