Dave Colclough

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An All-in!

Blinds: 9000,16000 Antes:1500

Dave Colclough raises to 40k in the CO, Sze-ching calls in the SB. Rob Akery then asks how much Dave has before announcing he’s all in. Dave Colclough makes the call and Sze-ching folds.

Dave Colclough: A Q

Rob Akery: A K

The flop: 6 6 9

The turn: A

Dave needs a 9, 6 or Q on the river or he’s out

The river:


Dave Colclough finishes in 5th position, taking home £14,000

Punn in once more

Dave Colclough makes it 24,000 and Punn minimum raises to 48,000. Colclough calls. The flop is K 9 J and all the chips go in, although in Punn’s case that doesn’t amount to much. Colclough has 8 8 and Punn A A

J and 3 see Punn double up once more.

Maudlin all in

Dave Colclough makes it 24,000 to play and Ngui calls. Dave Maudlin announces all in for about 150,000 and takes it all.

Richard Haile takes down a pot.

A raises of 16,000 by Haile and a call by Colclough gives us a flop of 10 9 9

There is another mid sized bet and a call, which brings us the turn: 10

Haile bets out 40,000 and Colclough folds.

Haile collects a pot of around 100,000

Colclough takes on Punn.

Punn raises to 25,000 and Colclough makes the call.

Flop: 7 4 4

Punn bets out 40,000 and Colclough re-raises to 100,000 total which makes Punn muck his hand.

Punn had only 40,000 left.

Maudlin vs Colclough

Dave Maudlin makes it 21,000 to play from middle position and Dave Colclough calls from the big blind. The flop is 3 6 7 and Colclough checks. A 45,000 bet from Dave Maudlin is enough to take down the pot.

Colclough takes on Ngui

It’s raised to 24,000 by Sze-Ching Ngui and Colclough makes the call in the small blind. The big blind folds.

Flop: 3 K Q

Colclough checks, Ngui bets out 25,000 and Colclough re-raises to 75,000.

Ngui folds.

Richard Haile takes the second

He limps in EP, Alan Vinson completes in the small blind and Dave Colclough checks his option. The flop is A 5 9 and Richard bets out 12,000 to take it down.

Final table seating order

Seat 1: Dave Colclough – 364,000
Seat 2: Michael Fletcher – 138,000
Seat 3: Richard Haile – 198,000
Seat 4: Sze-Ching Ngui – 513,000
Seat 5: David Maudlin – 194,000
Seat 6: Michael Punn – 142,000
Seat 7: Heiu Tran – 173,000
Seat 8: Rob Akery – 287,000
Seat 9: Alan Vinson – 692,000

John Blackburn finishes 10th

John Blackburn goes all-in pre-flop for 93K.
Dave Colclough calls with 6 6.
Blackburn shows A 10.
Neither of the players improve with the board of 8 7 5 2 3.

Blackburn finishes 10th and takes home £4,400.