Joe Beevers

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Joe Beevers - Out

Joe Beevers raised it to 2200 on the button, and it’s called by Robert Price.

Flop: 2 3 4

Both players check.

Turn. 10

Robert Price checks and Joe Beevers bets out 3,000. Price re-raises it to 8,000 and Joe moves in for 16,000. Price makes the call.

Beevers: A 10
Price: K 9

Price turns the flush and knocks Joe Beevers out of the tournament.

Table 2.

1. Surinder Sunar
2. Joe Beevers
3. James Dempsey
4. Julian Davies
5. Robert Price
6. Richard Howard.
7. Allex Torrance.
8. Charalambos “Bambos” Xanthos
9. James Aitkenhead
10. H Tran

Surinder Sunar manages to double up

Surinder Sunar and Joe Beevers see the flop of 4 10 8.
Joe bets 2500.
Surinder goes all-in for 15825.
Joe thinks for several minutes but eventually calls with about half his stack.
Surinder shows 4 4.
Joe is on Q 10.
The board is completed with 6 5 and it’s no help for Joe.

Joe treading water

Joe Beevers still around the 25,000 mark with the average creeping up to around 39,000, 5,000 more than that at the end of play yesterday.

Joe Beevers

Joe has 25,500

Joe Beevers tangles with John Omara

Blinds: 100/200

Joe Beevers raises UTG, J Omara re-raises to 2000. Joe asks John how many chips he has, John replies “14k” Joe makes the call. two players’ see a flop

The flop: T 5 8

Joe leads out for 2300, John calls

The turn: 8

Joe takes his time, and checks. As does John Omara

The river: 3

Joe checks again and John bets out 3k. Joe tanks for a while before folding

John Omara scoops the pot.

Joe Involved Again

Blinds: 75/150

Joe Beevers limps in early position. Keith Hawkins limps as well OTB. Tomi Vesanen checks in the BB

The flop: Q Q 4

Tomi checks and Joe bets 450. Keith folds as does Tomi and Joe scoops a pot.

3 Way Action

Blinds: 75/150

James Akenhead raises to 450 from MP. Mark Scoins calls on the button. Joe Beevers calls in the BB.

The flop: K 8 2

Joe Checks, James Atkenhead bets out 1100

Mark Scoins announces raise and makes it 3000 to play. Joe folds, as does James Atkenhead.

Current chip leaders.

1 Adam Stoneham 41,075
2 Azzy Asghar 37,000
3 Carl Eglintine 29,875
4 Karl Mahrenholz 27,075
5 Mobashiar Ali 26,700
6 Andrew Fleming 26,650
7 Yucel Eminoglu 25,825
8 Rodolph Lacerda 24,725
9 Jeff Kimber 23,125
10 Alan Vinson 23,000
11 Adam Noone 21,925
12 Joe Beevers 21,775
13 Dave Colclough 21,325
14 Keith Hawkins 20,875
15 Paul Munday 20,500

Joe Beevers - Chip Count

Joe’s currently has 22,000 chips