Richard Haile

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Richard Haile - Out

A VERY short stacked Richard Haile moves all-in after Alan Vinson folds on the button.

Rob Akery makes the call.

Richard Haile: 7 3
Rob Akery: 10 6

Flop: K 9 6

Turn: 7

River: 6

Richard Haile is eliminated from the tournament and collects £34,000 & an EPT Seat for 3rd place.

Player Chipcounts.

1 Rob Akery 1,250,000
2 Alan Vinson 1,169,000
3 Richard Haile 246,000

Last Hand of the session

Blinds: 15000/30000 Antes: 3000

Alan Vinson completes, Richard Haile checks in the BB

The flop: A T 4

Alan Vinson leads, and bets 50k, Richard Haile calls

The turn: 2

Alan Vinson leads again, he now bets 280k Richard sighs and folds.

Rob Akery

Blinds: 15000/30000 Antes: 3000

Wins another pot

Rob Akery calls in the SB Alan Vinson in the BB checks

The flop: A 9 5

Both players’ check

The turn: 9

Both players’ check again.

The river: 2

Rob Akery bets 30k, Alan Vinson folds.

And again.....

Rob Akery the aggressor, moving in with A 5 to be called by Richard’s A 8

The board:

4 6 5
J 3

Rob Akery doubles up.

Double up for Haile!

All player see a cheap flop of 9 8 10

Alan Vinson checks it to Richard Haile who moves all-in for around 400,000 – Rob Akery makes the call!

Richard Haile: 7 9
Rob Akery: K 10

Turn: J

River: A

Haile wins the pot with a straight he made on the turn and doubles up to around 900,000

Rob and Rich clash again!

Blinds: 15000/30000 Antes: 3000

Richard Haile completes in the SB. Rob Akery raises it up, 60k more to play. Richard Haile insta calls

The flop: 7 5 J

Richard Haile checks, Rob Akery insta bets 80k, Richard Haile folds.

Richard will quit, not

Richard on a SB calls.
Rob raises to 130K which is half of Richard’s entire stack.
Richard goes all-in for the remaining 140K.
Rob calls and show A J.
Richard shows Q Q.
The board is completed with Q 2 K 9 7 and Richard doubles up.

An All-in!

Blinds: 15000/30000 Antes: 3000

Rob Akery raises OTB Richard Haile calls in t he BB

The flop: 7 5 J

Richard Haile donk bets all in which is a MASSIVE overbet

Rob Akery folds.

Akery Akery Akery!

Haile makes the call on the button and the small blind completes (Akery). Alan Vinson checks and we get a flop.

9 8 8 – Check check check.

Turn: K – Rob Akery bets out 60,000, Alan Vinson folds and Richard Haile makes the call.

River: J – Rob Akery leads out with a bet of 120,00 and is called by Haile.

Akery: 8 3
Haile: KQ

Akery takes down a pot of around 459,000