Sze-ching Ngui

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Sze-Ching "Dennis" Ngui - Out in 4th

Alan Vinson raises it to 48,000 and its called by “Dennis” Ngui on the small-blind – Akery folds on the big-blind.

Flop: K 6 3 – It’s checked.

Turn: 3 – Ngui leads out with a 90,000 bet and is called by Vinson

River: 4 – Ngui checks and Vinson bets out 160,000. Ngui re-raises for the rest of his chips and Vinson insta-calls.

Dennis Ngui – K 10 for top pair.

Vinson: 3 3 for QUADS!

Sze-Ching “Dennis” Ngui is knocked out in 4th and takes home £20,000 for his effort.

He also told us before play started, that he’s giving away 20% of his winnings to a good cause.

Vaga_Lion roaring clear

Blinds: 9000,16000 Antes:1500

Rob ‘Vaga_Lion’ Akery raises it up to 40k in 1st position. Its folded around to Sze-ching Ngui in the BB who flat calls.

The flop:9 2 A

Both players’ check

The turn: 4

Check, check

The river: Sze ching checks and Rob Akery bets 45k. Sze-ching folds.

3 Way Action

Blinds: 6000/12000 Antes:1000

Alan Vinson raises UTG+1 to 32k

Sze-ching Ngui calls in the SB.

David Maudlin announces re-raise and makes it 70k to play. Alan Vinson thinks for a couple of moments before folding. Sze-ching insta calls.

The flop: Q 4 3

Sze-ching checks and David Maudlin announces “all in” David Maudlin easily covers Sze-ching

Sze-ching snap calls. On yer backs! Sze-ching needs to win this hand to stay alive in this tournament.

David Maudlin: A T

Sze-ching: K 9

The turn: 5

Sze-ching needs a spade, a King or a 9 on the river to stay alive in this tournament.

The river:


Sze-ching doubles up through David Maudlin!

An All-in!

Blinds: 6000,12000 Antes:1000

Its folded around to Richard Haile in the SB. He raises and makes it 31k to play. Sze-ching Nugi announces he’s all in. Richard thinks for a couple of minutes, Sze-ching tells Richard that he has a “good hand”

Richard eventually folds, and Sze-ching shows the table pocket 5’s.

Double up for Sze-Ching "Dennis" Ngui!

Ngui limps in mid position and Alan Vinson raises it up to 42,000 on the button – Ngui makes the call.

Flop 10 8 3

Ngui checks and Vinson bets out 100,000 – Ngui moves all-in for the rest and he gets a call.

Ngui – K10
Vinson: A8

Turn: 3

River: 3

Ngui takes in a pot of around 300,000.

Maudlin all in

Dave Colclough makes it 24,000 to play and Ngui calls. Dave Maudlin announces all in for about 150,000 and takes it all.

Sze-Ching Ngui doubles up

Mike Fletcher raises 25K pre-flop.
Sze-Ching Ngui reraises to 39K.
Mike calls.
The flop is 8 K J.
Ngui goes all-in for the remaining 35K.
Fletcher insta-calls and shows K J.
Ngui shows A A.
The board is completed with 8 and 3.

Ngui has about 250K.

Rob Akery doubles through Ngui

‘Dennis’ Ngui makes it 20,000 to play in early position and Rob Akery with position raises to 65,000. Ngui calls.

The flop:

6 9 2

Ngui checks and Akery bets 60,000. Ngui calls.

The turn is the 2 and Ngui moves all-in. Akery is covered and calls all-in for 134,000. The cards are on their backs:

Akery: Q Q
Ngui: A Q

The river is the 7 and Rob Akery takes down a 538,000 pot.

David Maudlin gets the pot

Two player in the play.
The flops is 7 3 9.
David Maudlin bets 20K.
Sze-Ching Ngui calls.
2 comes on the turn.
Check. Check.
10 finishes the board.
Both players check.
Maudlin shows 10 J.
Ngui shows 6 7.

Colclough takes on Ngui

It’s raised to 24,000 by Sze-Ching Ngui and Colclough makes the call in the small blind. The big blind folds.

Flop: 3 K Q

Colclough checks, Ngui bets out 25,000 and Colclough re-raises to 75,000.

Ngui folds.