Alan Vinson

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An All-in!

Blinds: 20000/40000 Antes: 4000

Alan Vinson raises to 90k OTB Rob Akery calls.

The flop: J T 2

Rob Akery checks, Alan Vinson c-bets 80k. Rob Akery thinks for a while and announces raise. The moment Rob Akery’s chips are over the line (about 300k) Alan Vinson announces that he’s “all-lin”. Rob Akery makes the call. He has to win this hand to stay in the tournament…

Rob Akery: Q 9

Alan Vinson: J 6

The turn: 6

If the river is not a King or an 8, Alan Vinson is the Gala Casino Grand Champion 2008

The river:


Alan Vinson is the Gala Casino Grand Champion 2008. He wins the 1st prize of £83,000 and a seat at the 2009 WSOP.

Rob ‘Vaga Lion’ Akery finishes in 2nd place for the 2nd year running! He takes home £52,000 and a seat at the Aussie Million tournament in Melbourne January 2009

An All-in!

Blinds: 20000/40000 Antes: 4000

Alan Vinson raises and Rob Akery says “all-in” Alan Vinson makes the call – on yer backs!

Alan Vinson: 6 6

Rob Akery: K 7

The flop: Q T 6 Alan Vinson hits a set!

Rob Akery needs runner runer for a straight.

The turn: 8

Well there’s one card he needed…

...The river: Q

Alan Vinson wins the pot with a full house!

Vinson is now the chip leader.

We're now heads up!


1 Rob Akery 1,720,000
2 Alan Vinson 925,000


1st: £85,000 & WSOP Seat
2nd: £52,000 & Aussie Millions Seat

Here we go!

Alan Vinson...

Blinds: 20000/40000 Antes: 4000

Alan Vinson in the SB puts mega shortstacked Richard Haile all in, Richard laughs and open folds 73 off

Rob Akery...

Blinds: 20000/40000 Antes: 4000

Makes it 100k to play in the SB Alan Vinson in the BB folds.

Rob Akery shows K Q

Chips on the move

Rob calls on the SB.
Alan checks on the BB.
The flop is Q 7 3
Both players check.
5 comes on the turn.
Rob bets 20K.
Alan calls.
2 completes the board.
Rob bets 90K.
Alan calls.
Rob first to show – Q 10.
Alan mucks.

Player Chipcounts.

1 Rob Akery 1,250,000
2 Alan Vinson 1,169,000
3 Richard Haile 246,000

Last Hand of the session

Blinds: 15000/30000 Antes: 3000

Alan Vinson completes, Richard Haile checks in the BB

The flop: A T 4

Alan Vinson leads, and bets 50k, Richard Haile calls

The turn: 2

Alan Vinson leads again, he now bets 280k Richard sighs and folds.

Double up for Haile!

All player see a cheap flop of 9 8 10

Alan Vinson checks it to Richard Haile who moves all-in for around 400,000 – Rob Akery makes the call!

Richard Haile: 7 9
Rob Akery: K 10

Turn: J

River: A

Haile wins the pot with a straight he made on the turn and doubles up to around 900,000

Akery Akery Akery!

Haile makes the call on the button and the small blind completes (Akery). Alan Vinson checks and we get a flop.

9 8 8 – Check check check.

Turn: K – Rob Akery bets out 60,000, Alan Vinson folds and Richard Haile makes the call.

River: J – Rob Akery leads out with a bet of 120,00 and is called by Haile.

Akery: 8 3
Haile: KQ

Akery takes down a pot of around 459,000