Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Teesside Day 1B

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Dave Colclough Moving On Up!

With the board showing K Q 3 6 9 Dave Colclough makes a pot-size bet of 3k but finally mucks.

Dave’s up to around 13,000

Indy Takes a Hit

Indestructable check raises a flop showing 8 7 3 J Keys flat calls.

The turn brings a T

Both players’ check.

The river is the 9

Ed leads for 1500 which was approximately a pot size bet, J Keys insta-calls.

Ed Debaes: K 8

J Keys: 7 6 for the bottom straight.

Ed’s on around 7,000

Nuts vs 2nd Nuts

Battle of the blinds, in an un-raised pot. By the river the board was: K 7 6 9 4

Neil Blatchley check raised Saleh Mahgrh and Saleh called.

Neil Blatchley: T 8

Saleh Mahgrh: 8 5

Neil’s up to around 15k and is one of the chip leaders.

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Here we go!

Day 1b of the Gala Teeside Main event has just kicked-off.

The blinds are 25/50.

108 Players start.

Welcome to Day 1B of Gala Teesside Main Event

Welcome to day 1B of Gala Casino British Poker Tour Teesside Main Event live reporting. The play starts in half an hour.