Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Teesside Day 1B

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All In Jimmy

Jimmy Morgan is all in.

Jimmy Morgan: A J

Amir Amrabadi: K K

A K 6 8 flop isnt what Jimmy wanted and he needs runner runner to win the pot.

The turn is a T and the river is a 4 and Jimmy Morgan is down to 500 chips (1 big blind)

Joe Beevers - All In.

Short stacked Joe pushes all in from late position. He is insta-called by another short stack, directly to Joe’s left.

Joe: K Q

Villain: A T

The flop: Q T Q giving Joe trips.

The turn: J

The river: K giving Joe a full house.

Joe’s up to around 11,000

S Lloyd - Out.

Short stacked S Lioyd is re-raises Fran Creeds late position raise all in. Fran — who easily covers Lloyd— tanks for a few minutes and after a bit of speech play between the two players’, she finally calls:

Fran Creed: A J

S Lloyd: A K

The flop is: 5 K 6 Q

The river…

a T

Giving Fran Creed the nut straight

THMF Member: Morlspin - Chip Count

Morlspin is currently on 12075

Action on table 5

Its raised to 1100 by Rupinder Bedi and called by P McIntyre, M Sandler moves all his chips in and Simon Mairs also goes all-in.

Bedi folds along with McIntyre while Sandler & Mairs table their cards.

Sandler: AQ

Mairs: QQ

Sandler hits an Ace on the flop & river to cripple Mairs.

Final board: A 2 9 6 A

Edzon Estudillo is Out

Edzon Estudillo goes all-in on he flop of 5 A 4.
Paul Reilly thinks he’s bluffing and calls him with Q Q.
The board is completed with 9 J and Reilly wins the pot.

Lee Danaher - Out


His pocket 10’s ran into Lee Richardson’s Aces.

Final board: J J 8 6 4.

Indestrucable - Out


Short stacked Indestrucable pushes all in for 3750 in late position. James Keys in the SB re-raises, the BB folds.

Indestrucable: A 4

James Keys: 7 7

No help on the board for Ed and he’s out.

Quads vs Quads!

On a flop of 6 J 6, R Baker bets out very small amount and is called by Paul Gorton.

The turn is a Queen which is checked.

Another Queen comes out on the river and this is where it explodes.

There is a min-raise, a min re-raise, another raise and another raise – eventually Baker & Gorton get everything in the middle.

They both show their cards, one at a time.

Baker – 6

Gorton – Q

Baker – 6

Gorton – Q

Baker leaves the cardroom in a world of pain.

Gorton is around 35,000 mark

Joe Beevers - Chip Count

Joe’s currently on 9700. The blinds are currently 200/400.

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