Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Teesside Day 1B

News & Reports

Play resumes.

The players are back at their seats and play has resumed.

The blinds are now 800/1600 with an ante of 100


The players are now on a short break.

When they return, the blinds will be 800/1600 with an ante of 100

The average stack is now 37600.

Charles Denton is taking it easy

Charles Denton has A 4 and takes it easy when he flops straight on the flop of 3 2 5.
Billy Quang Ngo is in the pot and he checks. Denton checks after him.
The turn is 7.
Denton bets 3100.
Billy Quang Ngo calls after some hesitation.
The river brings K and Denton moves all-in for the remaining 8000.
Ngo calls.
Denton shows straight and Ngo mucks.

James Morgan is walking

James Morgan moves his short stack all-in pre-flop.
B Wu thinks that his A 5 is good enough and calls.
Morgan shows K 10.
The board is completed as 6 A 4 K 6.

Latif Aziz doubles up

Latif Aziz goes all-in with A J for 8000.
David Johnson calls with 8 8.
The board goes 10 K J 6 10 and we can see the smile on Aziz’s face.

Raymond Ryder - Out.

His Queens were beat by his opponents AK when a King hit the turn.

Board: 10 2 6 K 5

Level Up.

The blinds are now 600/1200 with an ante of 100.

The current average chipstack is 26,000.

Paul Reilly has been reraised twice and he's out

Reilly went all-in pre-flop for 10,000.
B Wu reraises to 15,000.
R Trigger goes all-in.
B Wu folds after careful consideration.
R Trigger shows a pair of Aces.
Reilly shows K Q.
The board is 9 J 6 A 8.
Reilly rolls home.

Lynne Beaumont - Out

Her AQ missed the board of 2 J 2 2 9, against the 7’s of Richard Lewis.

S Scarce is out

S Scarce has been short-stack for a while and moved all-in with K J suited.
D Ward is the chip leader at the moment and can allow him self to experiment. So he moves all in with 2 2.
Scarce didn’t find any improvement on the board of 9 8 8 A 4.