Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Teesside Day 1A

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Rob Akery taken ill?

Richard Haile passes on the button and Rob Akery folds the small blind to give Alan Vinson a walk. Alan puts his hand on Rob’s forehead to take his temperature.

End of day 1a.

Day 1a has now finished.

Here are the final chipcounts:

1 Paul Hambleton 88,200
2 Tony Caygill 86,600
3 James O’Connell 71,900
4 C.T. Law 63,600
5 Colin Pearson 63,100
6 A Arlot 57,500
7 Robbie Jones 57,500
8 Keith Hawkins 57,400
9 Raymond Bone 56,900
10 Stephen George 46,800
11 Barrie Aspinall 40,600
12 Richard Whitmore 34,800
13 David Maudlin 32,600
14 Kevin Humphrey 31,600
15 Kevin White 29,600
16 J Murray 24,900
17 Mukesh Kanabar 24,900
18 George Brown 24,500
19 Richard Howe 21,900
20 Anthony Ivison 21,800
21 John Stamatelopoulos 21,600
22 Ceri Rees 20,100
23 B Cezary 17,300
24 Peter Maddison 15,100
25 D Collinson 11,400
26 John Barber 6,900

Double Bluff

Mukesh Kannabar raises OTB to 5400, Ceri Rees re-raises, and Mukesh pushes all-in

Ceri tanks for a good 3 minutes and then shows 5 2 !!!

He was behind though.

Mukesh tables 5 3 !!!

Mukesh is now on around 24,000

Stephen Reid - Out.

On a flop of 9 Q 4 and a fair few chips in the middle, Reid bets out 5,000 and is re-raised 20,000 by P Hambleton.

Reid moves all in and is called instantly by Hambleton who tables Q 9 for two-pair. Reid shows 6 3 for the flush draw.

The turn ends it quickly as it’s another 9, giving Hambleton a full house. The river of a Q improves his hand even more to knock Reid out of the tournament with 8 mins left of play for today.

Ray Bone with needed boost

Richard Howe raises to 6400 in mid position. David Maulin pushes all in and then Ray Bone in the BB announces that he’s all in. Richard Howe folds and David Maulin (who covers Ray) calls

Ray Bone: Q Q

David Maulin T T

The board was a: k 9 8 J 4

Ray Bone’s chip stack gets a healthy boost. His stack is now 53,000.

Kevin Humphrey doubles up.

Humphrey doubles up via Stephen Reid when he move all-in for another 25k to Reids initial raise of 5K

Reid insta-calls and tables 84 while Humphrey shows AK

Both players miss which gives Humphrey the winning hand.

Board: J 2 5 7 10

Friendly Show-down

Kevin White bets 4200 pre-flop and James O’Connell calls.
Both of the players check to the very end on the board of 4 6 J 4 7.
White shows K 9.
O’Connell – Q A – he takes the small pot.

Richard Howe moves in.

CT Law makes a button raise of 4200 and Howe moves in for 16,400.

Law folds and tables KQ and Howe shows his pocket 9’s

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A pot for Maudlin.

Maudlin raises to 5400 on the cut-off and is called by Barrie Aspinall in the big blind.

The flop comes: 9 3 9 which is checked.

Turn: Q

Aspinall checks and Maudlin bets out 5500 which makes Aspinall fold.

Maudlin shows his pocket 2’s and takes down the pot.

Pearson not letting go of his title yet

Reigning Teesside champion Colin Pearson makes a standard raise in the cut-off and J Murray in the big blind reraises a further 6,000. Pearson thinks for some time before shoving the rest of his 25,000 stack into the middle and Murray calls showing T T Pearson turns over A Q and the race is on.

The flop brings immediate relief for Pearson: A 3 8 and the K 3 turn and river seal the deal. Pearson doubles up and Murray is badly hurt.