Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Liverpool Day 2 - Final

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All five remaining players agreed on a deal based on chip count.

1st: Zachary Ford £26,000
2nd: Saleh Mahargh £20,000
3rd: “Skullman” Gerald David £17,000
4th: Lee Birchall £13,500
5th: Wass Shahid £13,500

Thats all for this tournament. We’ll see you at Teeside!

Have a break

The players are on a ten minute break. When they return, the blinds will be 15k/30k with a 3k running ante.

Wass up

Short-stacked Wass Shahid moved all-in under the gun for 66k. It was folded around to Saleh Mahargh in the big blind who, with the antes, was priced in to call. A 6 for Shahid, Q T. A board of K 8 3 9 9 offered no help for either hand and Shahid stays in the game.

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Small win for Birchall

Lee Birchall wins chips but not in the way that he wanted – he had aces in the big blind and it was folded round to him so he picks up just the small blind and antes

Big fold for Skull Man

He’d only just got hold of a new supply of chips but Skull Man has shipped many of them over to Saleh Mahargh already. Skull Man bet 100,000 on a raggedy 2 2 5 flop but Mahargh moved all in having David covered.
David only has 220,000 left if he folds but he decides he can’t carry on and lets it go.

David needs a spade

Gerald David clashes with chip leader Zachary Ford when the flop brings something for both men. 4 Q 4 brings top pair for Ford’s 10 Q whilst David is drawing to the flush with K J
7 brings Ford a step closer to getting all the chips but A on the river sets Skull Man off and his chair goes flying. That’s evened things up a little but Ford is still the chip leader.

Findlay breaks cover

There aren’t enough chips for players to hold back any more. Alistair Findlay made a play for the blinds from the button with an all in move and Zachary Ford looked him up from the small blind.
It’s 7 8 for Findlay and K J for Ford
The best hand holds up this time as Q 9 J 4 4 doesn’t help Findlay and he is out.

Chis on toast

Alistair Findlay raised to 70k under the gun. Zachary Ford on his immediate left re-raised to 200k. Ben Chisholm then moved all-in for around 250k in middle position. It was folded back to Findlay who got out of the way and Ford made the obligatory call. Ford said he hoped Chisholm had ace-king, which is precisely what he did have: A K. No-one was quite sure why Ford wished this since it meant his A Q was dominated. Flop and turn were 8 J 2 T leaving Ford needing a king or a nine. The river duly obliged with the 9 and the unfortunate Chisholm exited the tournament in 7th place.

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The table needs a Scandinavian

There’s less limping at a day’s cheese rolling in Gloucestershire. Surely the blinds will force some action soon?

Level up

Blinds are now 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante.