Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Liverpool Day 1B

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Final chip counts for Day 1b

The following 25 players will return tomorrow to join the 25 that made it through Day 1a. We will be there with all the coverage from 3pm.

Harry Zammit 107,600
Bryan Donovan 98,900
Raymond Ryder 79,000
Saleh Mahargh 70,600
Ian McWilliam 61,600
Jamie Millar 56,400
Rakesh Gupta 56,000
Niko Hanninen 51,300
Mel Lofthouse 50,100
Peter Ioannou 49,300
Mark James 48,500
Grant McGinn 45,700
Richard Cole 40,100
Rod Buckman 37,700
Anthony Kevan 37,600
Greg Garrett 34,900
Michael Richardson 31,200
George Geary 26,800
Carl Oprey 26,400
Larry Bale 26,300
Carl Eglintine 26,100
Tony Slater 24,200
Caroline Manson 21,200
Richard Gilby 17,500
Anthony Woolley 15,300

End of day 1b

That’s all for today. Players are bagging up and we will be able to get final chip counts shortly

Rose Owen is out

Richard Cole bets 3000 pre-flop. Rose Owen goes all-in with 15400. Cole calls thinks for a couple minutes and calls. He shows Q A and Owen – A 9. The board is 2 6 8 19 4. This brings Cole a nice pot.

Boothe - Out

His KQ ran into the Aces of Ioannou

Final board: 6 J 5 7 Q

27 players remain with 7mins till the end of play.

Zammit resurrected

With the board reading Q 4 2 T and around 18k in the middle, H Zammit (previous rumours of whose demise were exaggerated) moved all-in for 24k. Jamie Millar proceeded to enter the tank. He told Zammit that he thought he was drawing. Zammit replied that he’d been thinking for a very long time. Millar then asked if any pair was good, and Zammit shrugged. Eventually Millar called with A 2.spades, any pair but with the nut flush draw for backup, and Zammit turned over Q T for top two. Zammit needed to dodge a heart, an ace and a two, and did just that when the T hit the river to make him a full house. Big hand, big pot. Millar, however, still has plenty of chips.

Lehmusvirta moves all in

It’s time for players to pick a hand and go with it. Juho Lehmusvirta did just that with his A Q but ran into pocket queens and couldn’t find one of his three outs. He also heads off.

No pair is good

With the board reading Q J 3 9 and a big pile of chips in the middle, Paul McGuinness moves all in for his last 20,300. It’s hard to see how big the sprawling pot is but it would make a big difference to whoever pulls it in.
B Donovan eventually makes the call and turns over just AK. There is some surprise that he only has ace high but he’s ahead – McGuinness has just A 10
The 9 on the river is no good and McGuinnes heads for the exit.

Gupta gets respect

Five players saw an unraised flop of 9 8 6. The blinds checked to Mark James, who led out for 1900. Colin Pearson, on his immediate left, raised to 5500 and Rakesh Gupta moved all-in from the button for an additional 28600. The blinds folded without fuss and then time seemed to slow as James and Pearson agonised before making all-too-predictable folds. James indicated he folded pocket sevens. Gupta said it was a good fold.

Rupinder - Out

Nottingham’s winner, Rupinder Bedi has been eliminated from the tournament.

He gets it all in with 2’s and is called with AK

Flop: 8 J J

Turn: 3

River: 8

Rupinder plays the board and his opponent wins with an Ace Kicker.

29 players remain.

...and spat out

Having doubled up once and stolen one set of blinds, Garwo Chu moved all-in from early position for 4700. Many pondered the call but were scared off by the players behind. Eventually big stack Mark James peeled off the required chips with 6 6 and was racing against Chu’s A 7. The board was conclusive: 4 T 8 6 6. Quads for James and the rail for Chu.