Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Liverpool Day 1A

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End of Day 1A Chip Counts

1 Zachary Ford 142000
2 Billy Ngo 76900
3 James O’Connell 65100
4 H Phen 63700
5 Christopher Brice 62200
6 Pav Heer 60400
7 Ben Chisholm 59600
8 Alistair Findlay 48700
9 G Rodger 47200
10 Arshad Hussain 46600
11 W Shahid 46200
12 Brian Greslow 43800
13 David McCrone 43800
14 J Morgan 42600
15 G David 39500
16 Nigel Green 39000
17 Mustafa Sepanji 36500
18 Lee Birchall 32600
19 Luke Abolins 28600
20 Luke Hallinan 24700
21 Brian Fouracre 23900
22 Nik O’Brien 22200
23 G Hunt 22000
24 Stuart Brownson 21900
25 Lynne Beaumont 21500

That's it

Play has ended for the day and players are bagging up their chips. End of day totals will be available soon.

El Blondie out

Dave Colclough has been waiting for the right moment to stick his modest stack in but his K Q could not improve against Luke Abolins holding A9 and El Blondie will not be returning for day two.

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David chipping up

We arrived at table 1 just in time to see G David raise Lee Birchall’s river bet of 4000 to 16000 with the board reading 5 3 8 6 7
Birchall doesn’t like the look of the third spade but makes the call anyway with 3 3 for bottom set.
Sure enough David shows 10 K for the flush and he secures a nice pot which should see him through to day 2 safely.

Shahid survives

A very short stacked Shahid moves all-in, in late position with K8 and is called by Heer who tables pocket 10’s

Shahid manages to hit a King on the river and surivies for a little longer.

Final board: 8 J 7 5 K

Ahmadi - Out

Ahmadi hits the rail while moving in with pocket 9’s and running into Queens.

It went from bad to worse when his opponent caught a Queen on the flop.

A worthless 9 on the river sent Ahmadi home.

Final board: J Q 3 A 9

Changing fortunes

Two of our bigger stacks not so long ago have burned through a lot of chips in the last level. Dave Colclough is now down to around 20,000 whilst Mustafa Sepanji has only about 25,000.
Meanwhile Zachary Ford is the chip leader with about 137,000

Dring's final fling

Short-stacked David Dring got it all-in with ace-six on the button only to find small blind David McCrone wake up with pocket kings. The board ran out J 8 4 K A sending Dring the rail.

Level up

The blinds have increased to 600/1200 with a 100 running ante.

Christopher Brice - Out

Brice got knocked out holding Kings when his opponent’s AQ hit an Ace on the turn.

33 players remain on day 1a.