Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Bristol Day 1B

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Happy birthday to Matt Dale

Happy birthday Matt, and good luck in the final day.

Battle of the Mags

Comparing column inches as well a chipstacks, Flush Magazine Editor Jon Young, better known for his 2006 victory at the Paddypower Strip Poker Championship will be hoping to get the better of Pokerplayer Magazine Editor-in-Chief Dave Woods.

Woods goes into the final day with 31,600 and Young is shorter stacked on 18,300.

Day 2 will start shortly, the players have just been called to their seats.

Final Counts - Day 1B

Lam Trinh 152500
Trevor Pearson 87600
Mike Williams 78800
Michael Punn 76100
Farzan Javad 75300
Neil Blatchley 53000
Raymond Slater 53000
Nick Scott 49200
Marcus Farthing 48800
Richard Lewis 48800
Adam Newby 47900
Mike Cummings 47900
George Stewart 45800
James Gilbert 43000
Anthony Connway 40800
Richard Cole 35000
Nick Ferro 33400
Dave Woods 31600
Lee Richardson 29200
Ceri Rees 24900
Scott Morrison 24900
Tony Corrolla 19300
S Loghlin 19100
Jon Young 18300
Harpit Gurnam 15400
Gabrielle Dagostino 9700

Crolla doubles up in last hand of Day 1B

Crolla’s A K hit a flop of Q 10 9 against his opponent’s K Q

Butler out to Punn

Gavin Butler’s all-in from middle position are instantly called by Punn after a 5k PF raise on a flop of 4 6 9

Butler shows A-9 and Punn tables J-J

The turn brings J and the river is 3

Ten minutes remaining until the end of Day 1B

Simcoe - Out

Simcoe moves in with 22 and is called by Marcus Farthing with A9

A 9 on the turn and an Ace on the river makes sure that Simcoe heads to the rail.

Final board: 7 8 10 9 A

This is a £1/2 game.

But the outrageous action in the Omaha cash game has cost at least one player his shirt

Scott doubles Punn through

In a battle of the blinds, Michael Punn pushes for just over 20k and elicits a call from Nick Scott in the big blind.

Punn’s pocket 5s improve to a set and Scott’s A-9 are lacking a much needed diamond to a 4-diamond board.

Daniel Byrom - Out

Daniel Byrom moves all-in for 9800 on the small blind after a late 4000 re-raise by Mike Williams and is called.

Byrom shows 98 while Williams tables AQ

Byrom gets no help on the board and is knocked out on the final level of today.

Final board: 3A1056

Players are now into the last half-hour of play for today.

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PLO Sidegame has monster 4-way all in pre-flop

In a £2000 pot, 4 mania…sorry, players, get it all in in a £1/£2 PLO sidegame.

The hand that won it? K-T-5-8.

But the 5-8 were suited which prompted the call.

Kings over tens eventually took the pot down. His stack now resembles the great wall of china.

FAO Joe, Ram, Ross, Barny and Neil Channing: Flights back from Vegas are currently on sale and a taxi to Bristol has got to be cheap enough with this kind of action….